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Bus Conversion Magazine

Starting in May 2018, everyone with a Membership has access to ALL back issues of BCM which includes over 300 issues and over 2000 articles. If you are planning on converting a bus or in the process of converting a bus, this information is priceless. We are adding issues at the rate of one every business day.

Now celebrating its 26th year of publication, Bus Conversion Magazine continues to be the go-to resource for RV bus conversion enthusiasts (a.k.a. bus nuts). Each monthly issue contains detailed "how-to" articles on a wide range of bus conversion and updating projects.

Each issue has a cover/centerfold feature article showing off someone's converted coach including floor plans, photos, unique features, and the people & story behind it.

There are also articles on the safe use and maintenance of buses as well as tips for buying, selling, and selecting a bus for converting into a RV motorhome. Plus travel features sharing information and photos of great recreational travel destinations that are motorcoach friendly.

There is a very active online forum HERE where bus nuts of all experience levels discuss it all

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