• Length: 29 feet
  • Width: 96 inches
  • Height: 121 inches
  • Wheelbase: 162 inches
  • Turn radius: 33 feet
  • Typical engines: GM 478 Toro-Flow II (diesel), GM 351 V6 (gasoline)
  • Seating: 33
  • Luggage: None
  • Aisle Width: 20 inches
  • Front door width: 30 inches

Production History

Production history
Year Model Qty
1969-1971 TDH-3301, –3301A, TGH-3301 287
1972-1974 TDH-3302N, –3302A 223
Total 510
Note: Only 13 gasoline-powered buses were built.


These “baby” new-looks replaced the TDH and TGH-3502 models in 1969. They were an attempt to carry over the familiar new-look styling for sale to transit operators not requiring large buses but proved to be the least successful of GM’s new-look line.

Information from the Bus World Encyclopedia of Buses – 1988

GMC 29-foot “New-Look”


Bus Conversion Magazine


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