• Length: 40 feet
  • Width: 96, 102
  • Height: 121 inches
  • Wheelbase: 285 inches
  • Turn radius: 42 feet
  • Typical engine: DDA 6V-71, DDA 8V-71
  • Seating: 49-53
  • Luggage: None
  • Aisle Width: 20, 26 inches
  • Front door width: 30 inches

Production History

Production historyYearModelQty1959-1963TDH-5301, -5302;
TDM-5301, -53024,6181963-1967TDH-5303, -5304;
TDM-5303, -53048,3891968-1971T6H-5305, -5305A;
T6H-5306, -5306A
T6M-5305A, -5306, 5306A
T8H-5305, -5305A;
T8H-5306, -5306A3,3501972-1977T6H-5307N, -5307A;
T6H-5308N, 5308A
T8H-5307N, -5307A;
T8H-5308N, -5308A
T6H-5309A, -5310A5,677Total22,034

1. Narrow units, TDH/M-5302, TDH/M-5304, T6H/T8H-5306, -5306A, T6H/T8H-5308, -5308A, totaled 5,437
2. Mechanical transmissions, TDM-5301, -5302, -5303, -5304; T6M-5305A, -5306, -5306A, T8H-5307A, -5308A, totaled 324. (These T8H series buses had mechanical transmissions in spite of the “H” designation.)

Model designations indicated nominal capacity (53) with the even-numbered models (-5302, etc.) being 96-inches wide. Most notes in the section on 35-foot new-looks apply to the 40-foot new-looks.

Starting in 1968, the Detroit Diesel 8V-71 engine, relected by “8” in the model number, and VS transmission with overdrive were offered as options for high-speed expressway operation.

Although production of the new-look in the U.S. was discontinued in 1977, GM of Canada continued to produce them at their Ontario plant, changing the letters in the trapezoidal nameplate under the windshield from “GMC” to “GM.”

Information from the Bus World Encyclopedia of Buses – 1988


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