Eagle 15

The first production 102-inch Eagle for general sales was introduced at the ABA meeting in Reno in October, 1985. Advertised as the Golden Eagle II, it has become known as the Model 15.

The Model 15 is identified by its higher windshield and redesigned front cap with a one-piece skyview window. The side windows are larger than on the Model 10 and the first right-hand and left-hand windows from the front were made square for interchangeability. Rectangular headlights replaced the round headlights of the Model 10.

In 1986 changes were made to the destination sign and the outside mirrors in response to operator requests.

Because of the popularity of the Model 15 as a shell for custom motorhomes and entertainer dressing rooms, a new version with a taller roof was introduced in 1987, permitting a completely level floor from front to back.

Information from the Bus World Encyclopedia of Buses - 1988