The structure, engine and driveline were unchanged from the MC-8. Window size was increased and the windshield got taller as the roof-dip over the driver of the MC-8 was eliminated.

New Jersey Transit had 700 MC-9s built at Pembina, North Dakota for commuter services. The "Jersey Cruisers" have 49 seats, no lavatory, and 6V92TA engines. An easy spotting feature is the special destination sign built into the body similar those on transit buses. The standard MC-9 destination sign is built inside the bus; showing through the upper edge of the right windshield.

During 1987, New Jersey Transit took delivery of 415 more MC-9s from Pembina. Over 9,000 MC-9s have been built by late 1987.

Information from the Bus World Encyclopedia of Buses - 1988