The Fort Garry Motor Body Company was founded in 1932 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Greyhound Lines affiliates operating in Canada began buying buses from Fort Garry in 1938. In 1940, Fort Garry was renamed Motor Coach Industries. Greyhound continued to buy most of the MCI output and in 1948 bought MCI. Some 588 parlor and sightseeing buses were built between 1937 and 1960.

MCI originated the MC series buses in 1959. The early models, MC-1 through MC-4, were sold only in Canada and totaled 196. The MC-5 series were among the first buses assembled at Greyhound's assembly plant established at Pembina, North Dakota in 1963. During the production years, the basic MC-5 was updated with A, B, and finally C added to the basic model number. Even after the 40-foot MC-7 was introduced, the MC 5 remained in production as the 35-foot version of the popular MCI series of intercity coaches.

Production quantity for the MC-5, MC-5A and MC-5B is 2,255.