Jetliners AN235 and AN240 are intercity coaches for general line haul and airport transfer service. The first 102-inch, U.S.-built Jetliner was exhibited at the UBOA convention in January, 1988.

Model numbers beginning with "N" designate Neoplan buses built in West Germany. Model numbers beginning with "AN" designate American Neoplan buses built in the United States. The last two digits of the model numbers indicate the approximate coach length in meters for European-built buses and in feet for U.S.-built buses. The addition of "/3" to any Neoplan model indicates a three-axle coach

The Jetliner AN228 is a small transit bus built with the same widshield and passenger window assembly as used on the larger, intercity-type Jetliners. It has a very low floor, 24.5 inches off the ground, and can load wheelchairs by either lift or ramp.

Information from the Bus World Encyclopedia of Buses - 1988