Top 10 Most Popular Tow Vehicles (Toads)

Here is a list of the most popular Toads on the road according to Roadmaster. Roadmaster is one of the largest producers of tow bars and tow equipment in the country and all of their products are manufactured and assembled in Vancouver, Washington.  

They can determine how many of each vehicle model are used as Toads, based on the number of specific baseplates they sell each year. Each vehicle takes a specific baseplate, based on each vehicle’s design, so by tracking the number of baseplates sold for each vehicle each year, they can easily determine the most popular Toads on the road today using their tow systems.  

They stock all of these baseplates as well as all of their tow bars and other accessories and they can generally ship them out in just a couple of days.

This list was compiled based on sales from the past 12 months of sales data but generally does not change much from year to year. 

If you are in the market for a new Toad, this should provide you with some ideas of what vehicles you may want to consider.  

You can see all of Roadmaster’s products at

Click here to take a Factory Tour of their American-made tow bars and towing accessories.

Click HERE to see the Nighthawk.

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