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Skoolie U.P. 2022

School buses, conversion vans, and an assortment of unique tiny homes on wheels all took over Michigan’s upper peninsula August 1st-8th 2022, for the 2nd Annual Skoolie U.P. event hosted in Gould City at Michihistrigan Bar and Campground. 

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Bus Maintenance Musts

Unfortunately, many bus conversion owners do not maintain their bus as they should, having been erroneously led astray by mechanics, friends, YouTubers, and old wives’ tales (it’s a million-mile motor for example). If you’re looking to purchase a coach, or you just bought one, here are some things to consider.

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Lithium Batteries – 101

mportant Note: There are always risks associated with being around and/or handling electricity. If you have any questions about your ability to handle these risks safely, please do not attempt to follow any of what I have outlined below and instead, hire a licensed professional to do this for you.

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