Juliane Anderson
September 25, 2022

Five Reasons to Retire in a Bus Conversion (Skoolie)

Now that you have finally reached your golden years, you no longer have to postpone all those fantastic things you have always wanted to do.

There is no need to remain tied to one place; nothing is holding you back, preventing you from enjoying your life to the fullest.

So, why not hit the road? You’ve earned it. While many people daydream about uprooting their lives and setting out to explore the country, not many have the luxury of following up on their dreams. But, if you are among the lucky bunch of soon-to-be-retired, consider the following five reasons to retire in a bus conversion.

1. You can do whatever you want, whenever and wherever you decide

With no job to hold you back, and children living their own lives for quite some time now, what’s to stop you from doing whatever you want and whenever you want it? If you retire in a bus conversion, you can get from point A to point B at whatever pace you feel like. There is no need for strict schedules. You have the time to stop and smell the roses whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Time is the one luxury working people don’t have. But it’s yours to exploit to the maximum as there is no statute of limitations to your vacation. Your regular life is not waiting for you to come back and resume the daily grind. You can enjoy the permanent state of vacationing, safely cushioned in your hard-earned retirement checks.

Have you seen a mountain in the distance to the left of the road you feel like climbing? Go for it! Is there a forest you feel like exploring? Why not? There is no limit to the number of detours you can take, so take as many as you wish before proceeding to the destination you initially intended to go to. Or not, it’s up to you.

2. Wherever you go, your house follows

No more tiresome packing, unpacking, doing the laundry, hauling the luggage, figuring out how to cramp everything into the very limiting trunk. No more hassle with airport check-ins and delays, hotels, motels, reservations, and misunderstandings. Everything you need (and have) is right there with you in your bus conversion. And you don’t have to pay for it!

One of the best reasons to retire in a bus conversion is that you will always have a comfortable place to sleep, cook and eat. The mobility your converted bus will grant you may be just the thing that was missing from your previous lifestyle.

3. You can save tremendous amounts of money

After retiring, many people have to find ways to reduce their spending due to usually decreased monthly income. Usually, they resort to downsizing, selling their vehicles, and making other lifestyle adjustments. However, retiring in a converted bus will enable you to live on a very modest budget.

If you decide to retire in a bus conversion, you will realize that the most significant expense will be purchasing the vehicle. And the prices range from practical peanuts to extortionately expensive models. However, if this is the lifestyle you choose, by selling your house, you can get a converted bus and have a significant sum of leftover money for traveling.

Mike from Corps_of_Absurdity’s Skoolie, Easy Wind, 1998 International 3800.
Time to explore the world!

The bus conversion will be your new home, which is much cheaper to maintain. You can easily find free parking. For instance, Walmart and Cracker Barrel sometimes welcome campers to park at their parking lots. Also, you can get senior passes for national parks. Even when you pay nightly campground fees, it will be substantially less than your property taxes.

Furthermore, you can easily control your costs and cut back on some things when necessary. You will stop buying unnecessary stuff as a pastime; you will have better, more exciting things to do. Plus, you won’t have enough space for them.

When you move all your necessities into your bus, you will realize you don’t need as many things in life. Of course, there will be a lot of things you won’t be ready to say goodbye to, so storing them safely would be the right option. You should choose the most suitable solution for extra items because there are many different sizes of storage units. So, you need to assess what the best option for you is.

4. The quality of your life will improve

As people get older, they begin to neglect physical activity. And this is the last thing you need. Staying active will not only prolong your life but improve its quality. By deciding to retire in a bus conversion, you choose to lead a more active lifestyle. You will inevitably spend more time outdoors, hiking, exploring, and visiting national parks. Consequently, you will have a more fulfilled life and be healthier. Also, living in a converted bus will allow you to reconnect with nature.

Besides physical advantages, the freedom a mobile home provides will benefit you spiritually and mentally. Staying away from the hustle and bustle of your previous lifestyle will ensure much-needed peace of mind and an escape from stress. This will make visiting friends and family more manageable, and your social interactions will improve. As a result, you will be more content with your life.

5. You will meet new people and expand your horizons

People learn for as long as they live. There is nothing wrong with surrounding yourself with like-minded people. However, imagine how much you can grow as a person if you expand your social circle. Therefore, by moving your house into a bus conversion, you are also making the decision to give yourself a chance to meet all kinds of new people all over the country. This is a bonus to the already exciting prospects of exploring new places, eating new food, and trying new things. Moreover, you will be surprised that meeting new people will be effortless as other “bus” people are usually amiable.

The decision to sell your house and move into a converted bus is a huge one. But upon reading the reasons to retire in a bus conversion, it’s easy to see why so many people love this lifestyle. Besides all that you have always delayed, a mobile life will give you a chance to do so many things you have never even dreamed of doing, and you would probably never do otherwise and think of the new friends you will meet. Undoubtedly, starting your life on a converted bus will be the beginning of an ultimate road trip and a new adventure.

Article written by Juliane Anderson

Juliane Anderson has been a content writer for Small World Moving Texas and other companies for several years now. She has always been keen on reading and likes expressing herself through the written word. Her primary focus is on travel, lifestyle, health, and DIY projects.

Juliane has always dreamed about retiring in an RV or a bus conversion. Therefore, she has decided to share her thoughts on the topic with those still uncertain about their decision. In her free time, she enjoys walking in nature, decoupage, and organizing book reading dinner parties with her group of friends.

You can email Juliane with any questions or comments at

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