Marty Golden
May 5, 2023

The 2022 Nebraska City, Nebraska Rally

Nebraska City is on the Missouri River next to Iowa. There is quite a bit of history here. Thursday everyone arrived, visited, and caught up on the latest goings on. Friday, we went to Lewis and Clark Museum and then to Kimmel Orchard and Vineyard, followed that night by a bonfire and true(?) stories. 

Saturday, we guys went to the Kregel Windmill Factory Museum. I really liked this, this is where they made the Eli windmill among other things for several years, and it is still in working order. I’m going to let Elaine tell you what the girls did, here she is. 

While the guys were at the windmill museum, us girls caravanned to town and had brunch downtown at The Keeping Room. A unique restaurant/boutique. The meal was served on Polish Pottery, which was special. Then we went to the Wildwood Historic Center and toured a home built in 1869. The house was decorated for Christmas with decorations from that time period. Our hostess was also dressed for that time and gave a wonderful and informative tour. It was fun to see how our “great-grandparents” may have lived. 

Okay, I’m back. For supper that evening we ate at Whiskey Springs in Iowa, followed by a bonfire and more true(?) stories. 

Sunday we just did our own thing until supper where Mel cooked his famous brisket, pork roast, and baked beans, then bonfire and told some more true(?) stories. 

Monday, we headed out to Branson. Mike and Susan Groves threw out the welcome mat so several buses stayed at their place in Kansas City on the way to Branson. Branson, Missouri is one of my favorite places.

Wednesday everyone arrived. Jim and Denise along with Eric and Karen cooked hamburgers and pies with homemade ice cream made by David Anderson, followed by karaoke (bet you thought I was going to say bonfire and true(?) stories.)  

Thursday, we ate lunch at Finley Farms in Ozark and Jim had supper catered and several went to see shows, then bonfire and truer(?) stories. 

Friday, we divided forces, and the boys went to the farm sale and the girls went to the Tea Room. Then the cooks (Jim, Karen, Eric, Denise) cooked Mississippi catfish. This sounds easier than it was, followed by a bonfire and even more true(?) stories. 

Saturday, we did our own thing until supper where we ate at College of the Ozarks, followed by a bonfire and even truer stories. (After hearing some of these stories for the tenth time I wonder) Sunday we went home.

Thanks to Mel, Trish, Jim, Denise, Eric, and Karan for a job well done. 

Article written by Marty Golden

Marty and Elaine have lived in Midland, Texas all their lives. They have three children and eight grandchildren.

They are Eagles International bus club members and have been Eagle owners for several years.

Marty and Elaine currently own a 1989 Eagle Model 15 and are finishing up the build on a 1987 Model 15.

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