Persephone VanDenburg

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Persephone VanDenburg

BCM Authors

Meet Persephone, a seventeen-year-old who has spent the last five years traveling around the United States with her family in a converted bus. They have explored all but three states in the lower 48.

This nomadic lifestyle has brought Persephone many wonderful experiences and opportunities for personal growth. Because she was homeschooled during this time, she was able to graduate high school at the age of fifteen. Since then, she has been working summer jobs and continuing to travel with her family while planning her future. Persephone has now joined the United States Air Force and is currently in basic training.

She will always cherish the life of a traveler. She even envisions owning her own bus one day, continuing to explore the world on her own terms.

You can follow her family’s journey on
Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.