1965 GM – 4106 Bus Conversion (V730 Allison Automatic)

Bus Year
8V71 Detroit Diesel
Santa Fe, New Mexico
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Bus Conversion Description:

  • V730 Allison Automatic Transmission
  • Brand New Steer Tires (Those were a cost of $1,500.00).
  • Stainless-steel kitchen
  • Parquet oak floor
  • Lots of storage
  • New Seats, Gauges, and Shocks
  • Rebuilt Power Steering, Air-Operated Gas Pedal
  • Natures Head Compost Toilet
  • Black and Decker Washing Machines
  • Two Air Conditioners
  • (6) two-hundred-watt solar panels on the roof.
  • Excellent Charger /converter and Lifeline batteries.
  • 90-gallon fresh water tank, grey water tank also.
  • Comes with a small backup generator, jacks, and a tow chain.
  • The engine alternator is very heavy-duty and is rebuilt.
  • New Triple Train Horns on the Roof
  • There are new locks on the bay doors.
  • The kitchen and bedroom have gold-painted stamped tin ceiling panels.
  • Yes, there is a good-sized, well-tiled shower.  I am over six feet tall and I fit well in it.
  • The engine cover is non-stock and folds up so you don't have to squat down to get at the engine and eliminates the head injuries the stock engine door cover gives most people.

Local pickup only

When this bus came out it was Called the Sports Car of Busses because it had such good handling qualities.  Google it and you will find out why it was so appreciated.  Greyhound had many of these buses for cross-country coaches.

The plan for the bus was to live in it and travel to music festivals etc. and I was planning on keeping the bus for ten or twenty years.  I have now lost a good portion of my vision and cannot drive it. So, I will sell it.

I’m using it as a recording studio right now.

In another listing, I also have many spare parts including another engine (but the engine in the bus is very good.)  8V71 Detroit and standard trans. Parts include a spare door, windows, cargo doors, radiator, etc.  These parts are not included in the bus sale. those parts are in Coolidge AZ.

Click HERE to see the parts for sale.

Train Horns on the roof over the driver’s Air throttle and new pedal valve and it is smooth! Solar Panels, Solar Controllers, Power steering pump repair i.e., O rings, Good Window Wipers,  Heater for driver works well, Propane heater in living room.  Storage door rubber hinges replaced.  Replaced air shocks with mechanical on storage doors, Tailgate customization,  Bus Manuals included. Digital Cell phone booster, Installed Front wall and doors,  Escape Hatch. Mini Blinds, Under couch and cabinets drawers,  Air conditioners,  New Parking emergency brake valve,   new height valves in front and rear that control bus height.  New Steer Tires,  Tools included Propane tanks, Water heater, Spare Water Pump,  Shore power connection,  Shore water connection.   Awnings,  Modern tubular extension Ladder.