1983 MCW – Restaurant Bus


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Bus Year



Low Emission IVECO engine, (5.9) 6 cylinders inline.


Baltimore, MD.


Gary Hatt


(714) 614-0373

    $159,500 US


This bus is an extremely unique find. You can walk into the new and unused kitchen environment and start a restaurant with an Ambience that no one else can offer. The glass roof slides giving customers both a covered and uncovered sitting area where the candlelight dances off of the woodwork. In the beautifully outfitted kitchen with stainless steel all around there would not be a limit to the meals you could prepare for your customers. As you can tell there was an extensive remodel and conversion done on this bus and expense was not spared.


  • Brand new conversion, the bus was never used after conversion
  • Hand built with high-quality fitments and furniture throughout
  • Full, restaurant commercial-grade kitchen
  • For sale on behalf of the owners, who built it for their own use
  • Sliding retractable roof
  • Dimensions: 12 meters long x 4.30 meters tall x 2.50 meters wide
  • Low emission Iveco engine
  • Voith Automatic gearbox


“Mammoth” Bus Restaurant Features

1. Transparent canopy. Aluminum structure, Plexiglas side windows, and roof. Weight is approximately 350 kilograms (770 lb.). The ceiling is designed to slide open from the middle to be flexible during all seasons and for emergency exit.

2. The laminated wood floor and walls are decorated with wood panels halfway up.

3. Heating and air conditioning, three fire extinguishers, built-in sound system and speakers, digital ticket display, four safety alarms.

4. Water and fireproof seat covers, designed to match the design and the color scheme.

5. Seats have been replaced with new foam and covers.

6. Bug screens upstairs and in the kitchen.

7. Outlets for charging phone/laptop at all tables.

8. LED lights placed under seats and around the edges light up the bus from inside.

10. Small dimmable table lamps to be used in the evenings to access more lighting.

11. Stairs and staircases are carpeted from sides, covers lower deck and top deck area.

12. Fully fitted kitchen, best quality stainless steel. Ceiling, floor, walls are stainless steel. There is one large canopy 3 meters x 55 cm (9.8 ft. x 1.8 ft.) preparation fridge, bain-marie top, grill, Panini toaster, drink refrigerator, hot plate, cake refrigerator/display, steamer, large flat grill, frizz maker, frizz warmer, fryer, digital tilt computer screen. Cutleries, steel shelves and steel storage fitted in. Bathroom includes washbasin, large sink in the kitchen, heater, fan, order reader machine.

13. The front of lower deck is for storage. Extra space for fridge, freezer, containers. A front part of the entrance lower deck floor is carpeted for health and safety reasons.

14. Four external side projectors.

15. External flat LED lights fitted under window edges all over.

16. Internal fitted pipping for both kitchen and toilet.

17.  Two large steel shelves in two freezers.

18.  Two bug screens on windows in the kitchen, two fire extinguishers downstairs, digital screen menu.

19. Health and safety: Fire exit, kitchen, water and toilet, and smoking signs.

20. Bathroom under stairs, lower deck.

21. Twelve tables on the first deck/floor. Passenger capacity four guests at each table for a maximum capacity of 48 customers total. 

22. Table size:  60 x 80 cm. (23.6 in. x 31.4 in.)

23. Main washing sink and small wash basin-hand wash sink-stainless steel in the kitchen.

24. Main storage at the front on the lower deck. Two large 90 cm (35.4 in.) freezers, fitted with storage steel shelves, six double power outlets.

25. Power panel, internal commercial fan, menu display screen, wireless ultrasonic tank liquid level, and temperature gauge.

26. Year of the bus: 1983. Bus Engine: Cummins with Automatic transmission. Mileage after overhaul: 60,000 KM (37.5 miles).                                                                                  

27. The bus is in very good condition. Has a current MOT, (UK safety certificate) Gear box oil, engine oil and wheel oil was last changed April 20, 2020.

28. Water tank capacity 200 liters (52.8 US Gallons) in the kitchen, waste tank, capacity 100 liters (26.4 US gallons)

29. Nine double power outlets in the kitchen.

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