1999 International Genesis Bus Conversion

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Belton, Texas
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Item Description:

  • Chitty Bang Skoolie 43' Off Grid Bus Conversion.
  • Clean Texas Title.
  • Sold As Is.
  • https://thecrabshomestead.wpcomstaging.com/for-sale-65k-obo/ This link is to more pictures and clickable links of all of the parts listed below. Also, the blog on how we prepped and built her with pictures and videos. Tours of the bus while we were living in it, traveling in it, etc.
  • (Only people with Class B or C Licenses can test drive the bus, per TX state Law)
  • Our family of 4 converted our school bus Chitty Bang into a tiny house from October 2015 until November 2016 with other enhancements, changes, and renovations over the years. We traveled and lived full time in the bus from November 2016 until May 2020 with our English Mastiff and cat in tow. We were able to travel all over Texas, to Washington state and down to AZ. We never pushed the engine, and we traveled every 3 months between places to ensure our engine would last.
  • We never had any issues after we changed the tires/ oil/air filters/radiator fluid/transmission fluid and injectors in 2016 before we hit the road. You CAN live off the grid in this bus We did many times for months at a time.
  • We lived in it and used the rooftop AC running a 2000-Watt genny in Arizona, as well as simply plugging into a house, RV park, or campground 110v, 30 amp, or 50-amp service.
  • This bus was designed for us to be able to fully live off grid, only needing to have access to water to run our shower and sink, and access to trash to dump the compost toilet and house hold trash.
  • DT466 Diesel Engine
  • Allison Transmission
  • 5’ Exterior with steel Mounted back deck (3.5’) Fold out 5’ deck with kick out steel legs230K miles
  • This is everything we could find online for accurate pricing and more that we used for building a school bus into a tiny rolling home on wheels for our family of 4. Please read through the list, watch the YouTube videos, as there are plenty that show us living in the bus, how to use the features of the bus, and more on our YouTube channel that has already been published, before asking questions or sending an offer.
  • Chitty Bang was also featured on the cover of Bus Conversion Magazine May 2018!
  • Comfort Air Captain Chair-Outlets throughout the bus inside for plenty of usage.
  • 16 Gauge cold rolled steel to cover any holes or windows, then riveted with 3/16” aluminum rivets.
  • Painted with Rustoleum -Green and Sand spray paint-Roof painted with Rustoleum Heat Tech White Paint- last touch up 2019.
  • Bus Sound System Cd Player/Radio- Pioneer Bluetooth Speakers: 6”x9”
  • Rockford Fosgate Safety PROPANE SENSORS - one by inside connection under furnace to stove, one in bathroom at other indoor connection for water heater to fridge
  • First Alert Smoke/Co2 Alarms -one in bedroom, one in kitchen


  • Refrigerator: Norcold Propane/110v with 12volt display NaX841 -Runs on 110v (has worked on sunny days on solar) Refrigerator Side Panel Vent Cover
  • Rooftop Vent Cover Rooftop Vent Base Camco Universal Vent Tape Atwood
  • Air Conditioner/Heater Dehumidifier 15026 (runs on 110-, 30- and 50-amp service)
  • Pioneer Mini Split AC WYS012A Mini Split (runs on 50-amp service): (only used once)
  • Atwood cover - Atwood 3 burner stove and oven
  • Universal Stovetop Cover
  • Dickinson Propane Furnace P12000Precision Temp RV550 Tankless Water Heater
  • Natures Head Compost Toilet
  • Shower Pan: 32”x32”


  • Solar Panels: 4- 275-watt panels from a local solar panel installer for $280 each (they were his show floor panels hanging on the wall. We also got him to throw in 4- 100-watt panels for $100 extra dollars! For use on the future homestead!)
  • Sealant for Mounts - Mounting Brackets MC 4 CablesMC4
  • Connectors Renogy Branch Connectors Solar Cable 100’Connector Tool/Crimper Disconnector/Assembly tool Combiner Box: I made mine with this bus bar- and a junction box like this that I found at a True Value Hardware Store but I made it myself out of parts.
  • Inverter: Magnum ME2012
  • Inverter Remote Panel: Magnum ME-RC 50
  • Solar Charger: Morningstar TS-MPPT-60 TriStar Digital Meter for Solar Charger Remote Temperature Sensor
  • Battery Monitor: Bogart Engineering TriMetric TM-2030Batteries Disconnect Switch Power Bar Cover Fuse Holder for Inverter Noco plug in ports to charge bus batteries and solar batteries via 110 from shore or solar)
  • Electricity LED Strip Lights Waterproof LED Lights for Bathroom LE Power Adapters Romex 12 Volt Fuse Box Shore Power 50 Amp Plug In 50 Amp Power Cord Connector Cover30 Amp Dogbone110 Volt Dogbone Noco plug in ports
  • Watereverse Osmosis Water Softener: On the Go PENTEK 150237 #10 Big Blue Filter Housing Water Filters Aquaboon 5 Micron Coconut Shell Carbon Block Pentek DGD-2501 1 Micron Pentek R30-BB 30 Micron UV Light Water Pressure Gauge Parts Per Million Monitor Water System
  • Water Pump: SHUR-FLO (back up pump as well) Accumulator Twist-On Pipe Strainer ½”Water hose 25' (we have 2)Backup 50' water hose Septic kit for Gray Water Septic Support Septic Drain/Connector Original Fill Port New Fill Port New Water Tank: 42 gallon water tank*Washer Spinner Combo that runs on 110v or solar on bus Propane- Custom Propane Cage with spot for lock Propane Pig Tail (needs replacing once a year or so)*Propane Cage (Storage underneath propane tanks for portable washer-spinner combo) *2 Propane bottles, room for 4 in the propane cage with stabilizer mounts
  • Kitchen Cabinet Hinges: Blum Drawer
  • Slide Hardware: Blum Rear Mount Bracket Locking Device Hardware Faucet Hanging Organizers Utensil/plant holders*Storage under the stove and fridge, and large floor to ceiling pantry for food storage. *Large under counter cabinets and shelves for storage. *White Granite counter tops- Can take high heat and knife blades
  • Living Room-1 Large couch with storage underneath-1 2-person couch with storage-side table with 2 cupholders*Headboard with storage and electronics Bathroom Nature’s Head Compost Toilet Bedrooms Shelf Support and Coat Hanger Queen Mattress Twin Mattress *2*Closet storage space in Bunk Room and Master Bedroom*Outlets in each room*Storage space underneath bottom bunk and under master bed. *Small TV and shelf mounted in Master Bedroom


  • Metal storage boxes: 36” Aluminum underbody box Steel continuous hinges Metal T Door Holder
  • Clasp Winch: Champion 13004 Winch Cover Winch Rubber Line Stopper Hook Saver Secure Clasps for underbelly storage covers
  • Rear License Plate LED Light Strip Exhaust Wrap (To help keep heat down near the propane lines that are near the exhaust) Steel zip ties
  • Trailer Hitch Backup Camera with video in Captain Chair
  • Tire Stuff- *6 New Tires added 2016- under 7,000 miles on them.
  • Engine Fuel Filter- Fleet Guard FF5269
  • Air Filter: Fleet Guard AF979Oil Filter *New thermal high temperature coverings and sound dampening cover under the dog house and inside of the dash. *
  • All new INJECTORS 2016

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