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Bus life has allowed us to create so many new wonderful friendships, brought us to absolutely incredible places, and has already given us a lifetime of memories.
(October 2022 BCM Feature Cover Story)

In May of 2021, Sean and Xan bought their 5-window GMC Skoolie in Brooklyn, New York.

Their conversion was complete after four months of hard work, and they’ve been enjoying life
on the road for over seven months!

They’ve been to 25 states, 24 National Parks and Monuments, and driven over 15,000 miles so far.

If you see their cute and unique bus on the road, don’t hesitate to come and say hi! You can contact Xan and Sean at brookthebus@gmail.com for any inquiries about their build, artwork, or anything else.

You can find Xan and Sean’s artwork, jewelry, and travel blog at
https://artbyxan.com/ and follow their bus and travels on Instagram.

“If you are passing through Idaho and want to stay in a fun, unique double-decker or get some coffee, we’d love to have you!”
(July 2022 & December 2020 BCM Feature Cover Story)

The Mori family has converted not one, but two double-decker buses. One is a mobile coffee shop, serving up smiles and great coffee around Treasure Valley, Idaho.

Their second conversion is the first double-decker Airbnb in the United States. This cozy and unique bus sleeps four people.  Equipped with a fully functional kitchen and bathroom this overnight stay will take your breath away.

Visit their website to learn more: https://doubledeckeridaho.com/

You can also follow the Double-Decker espresso schedule on Instagram and Facebook.

To see that Airbnb listing, click HERE.  

“This may have been just another old yellow school bus a few years ago, but now it’s home.”
June 2022 BCM Feature Cover Story

Jude, Yadi, and their dog Esa live together in their converted school bus in the
Ozark Mountains of northwest Arkansas.

Since traveling the country in their bus, they’ve been settling in on their new homestead— cultivating gardens and edible mushrooms, planting trees, and carving out a little spot in the woods to call home.


You can follow Jude on Facebook and the Yonder bus on Instagram.

Arbour Season “We express our passion for life through music and invite you to travel with us by listening to the intricate instrumentation, layered harmonies and lyrics that tell our stories.”
April 2022 BCM Feature Cover Story

An indie/folk husband and wife duo who draw inspiration from the incredible adventures they experience all across North America in their converted school bus/home. 

For more info you can visit their website: 


Follow them on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify. 

Flxi Lady (Dan Aldridge)
“I am a traveler, not a tourist.”
March 2022 BCM Feature Cover Story

The adventures of Dan, Turbo, and the Flxi Lady (a 1969 Flxible Flxiliner). The Flxi Lady is #10800 (1 of only 157 made).

You can follow the fun on Instagram.

Time To Go Adventure –
“We built a sweet Skoolie to travel in and show our kids new cultures!!”
February 2022 BCM Feature Cover Story

Time to go Adventure is a blended family that has a desire to create lasting memories with their kids and explores the world.

“We have decided to start documenting what we do so we (and the kids) can remember all that we’ve seen and done.”

You can follow them on 

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

You can also visit their website, or email them: 


Just Another Skoolie – “Happiness is not a destination, it’s a way of life.”
July 2021 BCM Feature Cover Story

We chose the Skoolie life not because we want our home to travel to new destinations in order to find happiness but so that we can enjoy every moment of the journey & be happy along the way. By choosing this lifestyle, we are hoping to help redefine the definition of “normal” life and encourage others to follow their dreams.  “Happiness is not a destination, it’s a way of life.” 

You can visit their website:  


You can also follow them on 

Facebook and Instagram.

Since We Woke Up – Living Life on Purpose
November 2019 BCM Feature Cover Story

“We started questioning our life choices, the path we were on, and the meaning of the world and our place in it.  It was this sacred space of time that we truly opened our eyes for the first time and saw the world around us clearly – or in other words, we woke up.”

Subscribe to their YouTube Channel.

Visit their website: https://sincewewokeup.com/ 

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram. 

Email them at info@sincewewokeup.com 

Aimless Travels – “If you can dream it, we can build it.”
May 2021 BCM Feature Cover Story

Aimless Travels was founded back in 2018 when an adventure-seeking couple, David and Shelby, had the crazy idea of traveling full-time.  

They can help you make your bus dreams come true.

Visit their website to learn more: 


You can also follow their journey on 

Facebook and on Instagram.

BusLife Studios – “Live Life, Take the Trip.”
March 2020 BCM Feature Cover Story

BusLife Studios helps those seeking adventure build their perfect rig. 

Subscribe to her YouTube Channel 

and follow her on Instagram.

LYFE the Bus – “Family of 4, Luc, Yannick, Frank & Edith. And that makes LYFE.”
March 2021 BCM Feature Cover Story

This family had a 1997 International Blue Bird T444E shipped over from the United States to the Netherlands, converted it, and traveled all over Europe.

Visit their website: 


Subscribe to their YouTube Channel and follow them on Instagram.

HomeRoller – “Escaping the ordinary.”
July 2020 BCM Feature Cover Story

Nick and Jess are on the adventure of a lifetime, living full-time in their Home-Roller bus, a 2004 International 3800.  They have traveled to the United States and Canada.

Subscribe to their YouTube Channel

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

THOR – Touring Australia
October 2021 BCM Feature Cover Story

Wes and Sandra are self-funded young retirees. 

They have been traveling Australia in their coach conversion called THOR for five years, meeting great people and seeing beautiful sights.

You can follow Wes and Sandra on 

Facebook at Thor Thorsa

You may email Wes at



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