1982 Double Decker Bus

This is a binding quote for the purchase and delivery of a British-made Double Decker bus

Make: MCW - Double Decker Bus
Model: Metro Bus
Year: 1982
Engine: Gardner 6 cylinder in line Diesel
Transmission: Woith automatic
Color: Red, newly painted
Body Type: A closed-top double-decker bus
Length: 30’
Height: 14’ 6”
Special feature: A completely enclosed bus with bench circular seating. It has TWO staircases
going upstairs. It has its own generator. Runs well

Total price in US Dollars: East Coast Port: $ 29.950
West Coast Port: $ 37,900

Because of the current fluctuation of the Exchange rates and freight fees, this price is good only for 21 days.

The above-quoted price includes the following:

The price does NOT include:

* The buses will all have British vehicle safety certificate. (MOT) Although this certificate is NOT valid in the US, it will guarantee, that the bus is in good condition, meaning brakes, lights, tires, steering, etc. British safety standards for public vehicles are very strict and, in our experience, a bus which passed there will definitely pass here in the US.

** We will charge you only occurred expenses against official receipts. A rough estimate for the transfer will be given to the customer prior signing of the contract.

We offer a complete paint job done in the UK. The bus can be painted typical English Double decker red color. The price for this paint job is US$5,000 - $7,000
Some other colors are also available, but you must choose from this color chart.


I will personally deliver the bus to your designated destination, will teach you, your driver, and your mechanic how to operate and maintain this bus