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Title: xplorer interesting SOB
Post by: chuckd on August 22, 2012, 07:09:17 PM
I went down to Chicago to look at a 36 foot xplorer mtorhome.  They have always intrigued me because of their unique construction, molded fiberglass over a steel frame, and then spray foamed.  I like the insulation value they derive from that construction technique.  So trip report goes like this, interior very, very nice - excellent craftsmanship and wood work.  Exterior okay, coach was a 1988, so good for that year coach.  Ride - it rides on a Spartan Mountain master chassis, and I hope this particular chassis needed some adjustment because it rode very rough - at least compared to my Prevost.  Handling couldn't tell much, braking good.  Now the power plant is from a Dodge Pickup and that is where it belongs.  5.9 liters just does not get it.  Rattled inside, could not tell from where.  Glad I went down to try it out, makes my baby Prevost look better and better.

Chuckd - who just go back from a glorious few days in Bayfield Wi, on the big lake.
Title: Re: xplorer interesting SOB
Post by: muldoonman on August 22, 2012, 07:57:33 PM
That would be hard to compare those two, a Prevost and a Xplorer.