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Bus Topics ( click here for quick start! ) / Re: Leave bay doors open?
« Last post by RJ on Today at 03:39:30 AM »
Looking at the rubber hinges I dread learning what that involves.
Ted -

Replacing the rubber hinge on the baggage bay doors isn't that bad - GM owners have been doing it for years!

Here's Scott Cook replacing the hinges on his 4106:

And here's "Bus Grease Monkey" going one step further and adding stainless steel hinges to a coach:

FWIW & HTH. . .  ;)


Yeah, John,

But your Crown Deuce will be a shining example of what can REALLY be done with a fine Crown conversion in the hands of someone who REALLY Cares, and exercises exquisite engineering design principles, materials, and craftsmanship in everything he does. It'll be something many others, weather in a Coach or a school bus will want to emulate and take ideas from. Can't wait for you to get it done and take it around to show it off.
Bus Topics ( click here for quick start! ) / Re: Mikey "O"
« Last post by Van on May 24, 2022, 08:31:37 PM »
Thanks to everybody. Heading to therapy on Thursday. Hope to be back on the road by Aug.

 We miss ya buddy, hope ya have a speedy recovery. All the best to ya! ;)
Bus Topics ( click here for quick start! ) / Re: Mikey "O"
« Last post by silversport on May 24, 2022, 08:21:33 PM »
So glad to hear you on the road of recovery to get back on the road.
Bus Topics ( click here for quick start! ) / Re: Sold my bus today
« Last post by luvrbus on May 24, 2022, 07:33:14 PM »
Low milage factory conversions always bring 20 to 40% more than a DIY conversions,2 Eagles sold lately a 80 model for 140k and 82 model for 139k both were top notch conversions though
Bus Topics ( click here for quick start! ) / Sold my bus today
« Last post by richard5933 on May 24, 2022, 05:52:41 PM »
The deal's been in the works for a while now, but my bus headed down the road today to its new home in North Carolina. It will be owned by a guy with in the motor sports industry who will use it trackside alongside all the million-dollar Prevost and high-end conversions. Should get lots of attention in that world.

Can't get into the details on this right now, but thought I'd let others know that there is still value in these old buses and the right one can still bring a good sales price.

Sad to see it go.
with current diesel prices set to rise more in the coming weeks, I pity the conversion owners that have dropped big coin on newer units, and are making big payments, large insurance tabs, etc. This has happened three or more times in the past. Fuel prices skyrocket, rv market crashes, rv manufacturers bankrupt. lots of repossessions, lots of rv's just parked. $6.00 a gallon or more for fuel has got to disrupt current and future plans.
I see FMCA was advertising reduced charge for electric at convention.
I'll  bet they are going to get a big hit on dropped attendance come July.
Bus Topics ( click here for quick start! ) / Re: fuel prices
« Last post by chessie4905 on May 24, 2022, 05:36:42 PM »
also rotation to other stocks by big funds causes major corrections in various stocks. with the algorithms from their computers, hard for little guy to make any money in the market.. Stocks often drop even after good earnings or dividend payouts. You need to spend all your days closely watching markets. Doesn't  leave much time to drive the coach.
There are shyters everywhere in all walks of life.
The Krupocki’s agreed to pay Potts $100,000 for the build, giving him $75,000 up front to get the project started last year. Not long after, they say their lives were sent on a detour that has left them financially wrecked.
You'll never get rid of stupid! I'm dumping on the dummies that volunteered to get into this mess.
On another note, how many busnuts are thinking and possibly experiencing the rise of skoolie conversion crowd on the OTR conversions we so love and cherish. It'd be amazing if finally, the slide stops and maybe the undiscovered treasure trove of value will get more press.
Any nice condition bus conversion should be able to sell for twice what we've dealt with for quite some time.
Make no sense somebody paying a 100 grand to convert a school bus,they could have bought a nice Prevost conversion made in the early to mid 90's for that kind of money
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