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Maybe I can find you a 24" . :P
I would securely mount the pump, not just let it hang like that.

Mounted it with a modified L bracket. Need to add another bolt to the bracket but it's super secure now.
Before I pulled the original fuel hose off, it was ziptied to the big starter wire and run right next to it. Kinda sketchy if you ask me...
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after I changed from a 12 volt inverter to a 24 volt inverter and changed all the interior lights to led 12 v there was not much 12 draw other then the water pump and the slide out motor . I used a converter  24 v to 13.6 volt 30 amp and it worked great for the water pump and all the lights but the slide was to much for it .so I put a 12 volt screw gun lithium  battery in the system and never had a problem after that . it could handle the large draw for the start up of the slide motor 

The dipstick itself is the easy part - long 'blanks' are available so that you can replace yours and set the length for whatever you need.
I did find this part:


But searching around I can't figure out what bus this is for - so I could see if it's similar enough to make work...

I suppose I could make all the brackets and the tube and find a dipstick of the right size - if I had a place to work on my bus right now, though I don't really..

Don't know if they are standard sizes and/or where to find the right length dipstick.
Is that tube a standard size? Because it looks like the extension is held on with a compression fitting. If the tube is a standard size, you could just make your own with a length of tubing and a fitting.
Oh, the woes of searching for parts.

I had an engine/transmission swap to my 102A3, but I realized later that I have no reasonable way to change or check the transmission oil.  There's an extension for the three axle buses (attached) and I have called all around trying to find one.

According to the parts manual, the dipstick and assembly are 13J-10-22 and 13G-10-48

I've tried US Coach and Sam Caylor and the vintage parts partner with MCI ( - though they don't seem to have much of anything...  I know about Ted in Williams, but he doesn't really ever have 102 parts.

So..  there's got to be a graveyard somewhere with these buses - anyone know where else we can get parts *in general*?
Yes, DDEC II with the sticker on the ECM saing version 154, so the latest build.
Install in such a way, and with little enough strength...

That if they snare on something as the coach is moving that you only loose the cable and and some lightly installed hangers... not rip the guts out of your drain valve and disable the coach.

The joys of campgrounds and road debris

happy coaching!

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