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Here's another option that has switches to choose your battery type:

Sounds like this might be more to your needs if you want to be able to change voltage levels. Manual is available on this page if you want.

Don't know much about this particular charger, but I've got a Samlex inverter and am quite impressed with the quality. Same for the folks at Don Rowe - they have good tech support and seem to be knowledgeable.
I don't think so.

Here's what I found in the manual about the various charging voltage levels:

BOOST MODE: If the converter senses that the battery voltage has dropped below a preset level the output voltage
is increased to approximately 28.8 volts DC to rapidly recharge the battery.
NORMAL MODE: Output voltage set at approximately 27.2 volts DC.
STORAGE MODE: When the converter senses that there has been no significant battery usage for 30 hours the
output voltage is reduced to 26.4 volts DC for minimal water usage. When in storage mode the microprocessor
automatically increases the output voltage to 28.8 volts DC for 15 minutes every 21 hours to help reduce sulfation of
the battery plates.
Can you specify AGM battery types, or else choose the bulk/float voltages?
Not quite as large as you want, but 40 amps is pretty good.

I've got the 25 amp version and happy with it.
Okay - makes sense. If your spring has been like ours I fully understand. Very wet and not particularly warm.

Guess I have been lucky, as so far I've been able to remove all of the lights using a #3 Phillips on the outer screws, sometimes with a wrench on the shaft of the screwdriver. The inner plates are easier.
Although another thought would be to put two 12V chargers in series across my two battery banks, which would (as long as the chargers stay consistent) somewhat help balance my banks - has anyone ever tried this?  I could probably find 12V chargers more easily...
I just did some searching on ebay.  I seem to recall there were some cheap imports that could do 60-80A and I figured at least some of them must work for a few years - but I don't see any on ebay now.

I have a very large 24V battery bank and I used to charge it with two SW4024 inverter/chargers, but one of my SW4024s self-destructed and they have become impossible to replace.

I don't generally need the AC output of both inverters, so I was thinking about just finding a large charger to take care of my shore power -> batteries, so I'm looking for a 24V charger that can do around 60 or 80A or even more if possible, so that i can completely replace the charging that my inverters were doing.

I have AGM batteries, so I'd want to be able to set the charge/float voltages.
I'm waiting for some dry weather to  attempt removal. May have to use a carbide burr to remove heads. Have done it before, it just takes some time.
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Thanks everyone for your info!
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