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Why not just run one?
My MCI windows were 1/2" acrylic. They're tinted, though. I have some of them here if you want to cut one to fit.

Otherwise, remove the assembly and caulk around the seam with polyurethane. Then drill two holes between the glass. Hook a vac pump up to one hole and a bottle of argon to the other. Vacuum it to get the moisture out and then fill it with argon and seal the holes.

Bus Topics ( click here for quick start! ) / Re: Ramblin Rose Sighting
« Last post by luvrbus on Today at 07:48:50 PM »
The 903 in that bus is a left turning Cummins, a transit authorly in CA gave those a try lol that is a huge engine for no more power than it makes   
We have two Custom Coach a/c units. They have line voltage thermostats that turn the compressors on & off via large relays.

The a/c units cool great, but there is a problem. They cool too great, so much so that the compressor only runs a short time before reaching the temperature set point, sometimes only a minute or two. This means that even though the temperature is right the compressor isn't running enough to remove humidity from the air.

What I'm looking for is a way to add something to the thermostat circuit which will guarantee a minimum run time, say 5 minutes, even if it means cooling the temperature more than needed.

Any ideas on how to accomplish this?
thank you

it's fixed
L10 will go in there too.

Big Transit in Toronto had New Flyers powered with side winders, D40-90's... rusted like almost nothing seen before...

Came with ZF,retarder equipped, burned them out constantly, so good old V730 retrofitted.

Good power.

Long gone.

Romantic story.

Happy coaching!
Have you thought about breaking one of the glass panes, cleaning the remaining and heading out.  Fix it permanently later.

just trying to get you on the road.
Bus Topics ( click here for quick start! ) / Ramblin Rose Sighting
« Last post by richard5933 on Today at 04:11:08 PM »
Camped a few coaches from Ramblin Rose this week. Terry bought this 4106 a few months ago and is still doing some work updating things.

Most impressive is the Cummins 903 shoe horned into the engine bay and mated to the V730. Didn't know that was possible.
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« Last post by edvanland on Today at 03:52:39 PM »
Hey Merle I have the whole park booked details will be coming
Bus Topics ( click here for quick start! ) / Re: That Dam Rally 2019
« Last post by ol713 on Today at 01:38:02 PM »
Great  Geoff, hurry with reservations if you want to stay at the main Rally at Willow Beach, if you only want the prerally at lake mead get row 8, lvmci...

           As of today,  Cindy said the whole place is booked up.  They are even taking reservations for next year. Looks like
           Willow beach is becoming popular.  8/20/19

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