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Is this a used Country Coach?  From my limited research it appears that Winnebago is no longer making RVs under the Country Coach name although they still support old Country Coach units.  It appears what they really wanted was the Country Coach plant.
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« Last post by edvanland on Today at 09:58:20 AM »
Complete coach works has them call Mando at 951-836-4440 they advertise with this magazine nice people to work with.
I currently have just one 3" connection into the tank so the toilet can drop straight down.  I put a tee in the 3" line with two 2" lines for the shower and the bathroom sink.  The line to the vent first takes a 90 towards the shower.  There is a tee for the shower and the line for the vent continues straight to a close 90 where it goes up through the floor into the wall.  In the wall there is a another 90 and then it goes over 15" or so to a final 90 that takes the pipe up to the roof.
I originally did the majority of my conversion project during spring and summer 2006.  The bathroom ended up being way too big.  A few years later I took everything out of the interior of the bus and essentially started over.  This time I tore up the floor and the seat rails and put down new plywood subfloor.  I had vinyl tile installed on the floor before putting everything back inside.

During the redo I shifted the water and waste tanks from one side of the bay to the other side of the bay to make the bathroom smaller.  The location of the toilet over the original opening in the tank dictated the new size of the bathroom.  I was lazy and didn't want to cut a new hole in the roof for the waste tank vent.  The wall was in the same place so I simply put two 90s to connect the new pipe out of the floor with the hole in the roof.  I didn't think it would matter as air could still move through the pipe.

I can pretty easily move the vent pipe to go straight up to the roof at a new location.  I had a new stainless tank made five or six years ago to replace my plastic tank that was starting to drip a bit.  I had a connection added to the top of the tank to vent the tank with fewer 90s, but again too lazy to redo the vent to use the new connection.  I will fix that next summer.
I have one of those American Standard toilets in the house that was featured in ads a few years back that could flush a bunch of golf or ping pong balls. With attention to use, you can flush with only a quart of water for #1 and 2 to 3 quarts for #2.
Make sure the vent to roof is at least 2 1/2 inches.
 "Only have odor when on the road" Then it needs better venting. But I know you are not going to tear up the interior now. You can put your Fantastic vent fan in the bathroom on low when in transit.
This discussion should be of benefit for those doing a conversion.
In an emergency you could put two magnetic heaters on the oil pan on seperate circuits. Those things get pretty hot. Years ago, I used one on my parts cleaner barrel because of no heat in garage in January.
Dave beat me to it with his boiler comment; although I have both.
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« Last post by Lee Bradley on Today at 08:01:10 AM »
Generally torque breaks the axle at the splines and loose axle bearings break them outboard.

With all due respect:

We installed an efficient house toilet in our last bus. Yes we loved it. Absolutely. But no, it cannot compete with the water usage of a gravity toilet. No contest. We would fill a 100 black tank in very short order when underway. I absolutely do NOT recommend a house toilet if you want your fresh tank and black tank to last more than a few days. Trust me on this.

Scott, what is the GPF rating of the toilet you used, and did it require more than one flush at times? There are models available now such as the Japanese TOTO Drake II which uses 1.28 GPF, and is very effective, according Amazon reviews. If the reviews are correct, it would seem that it would last more than a few days.
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« Last post by Bill Gerrie on Today at 05:46:27 AM »
I have a picture like that when I broke the input shaft to the transmission. It is nice when you get somebody that knows what they are doing. A novice can really do some damage. Good luck on your finding an axle.
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