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I?ve resigned to not having tapatalk support here. Bums me out majorly and as some have noticed, I?m not on the forum much now. It?s hard to explain how convenient tapatalk is to someone who has never used it, but for our crazy life, it was my easiest way to keep active on the forum. But I understand there are complications that come with supporting it. My major issue right now is that I absolutely cannot upload photos to my posts using my iPhone. It gives me an error stating the different formats I?m allowed to upload. Apparently whatever format iPhone used to take and upload a photo isn?t supported which is silly. Anyone care to explain what?s going on there?
Not a bad price I pickup 4-5 gal pails of Delvac 1240 today cost me $107.50 ea with tax.I could have bought it from Summit for $89.99 a pail but with shipping it was about the same price 

I'm still undecided, went last year and met RJ. Probably passed a few other busnuts on here. Dave????
RJ - Garmin has no interest in hearing anything from me, I'm certainly not their target audience. Based on my hands on testing, it is fine for someone who does not want any muss or fuss. It does the basic job of routing and navigating roads using GPS tech. It has numerous  limitations but assume that the design and function objectives put ease of use above the ability to alter start/end points in the trip planner or easily import GPX routes and waypoints. Like I said it is big, bright, and plenty loud but quite short in ability to integrate any information outside its own propriety data ecosystem.

Richard - The best tool for any navigator is the one most familiar and comfortable with and used regularly. They all do basic navigation just fine. With respect to being surprised about road restrictions, temporary road closure,s detours, etc.  that is always a possibility.

For me, pre-trip planning is second nature. Over the decades of backcountry hiking, 4 wheel driving secondary and dirt roads, forest and old logging routes, off road ATV trips, etc. My tools include USGS Topo and USFS maps, various aerial imagery, and software tools for trip planning. For road navigation I find Google Maps, Waze, Google Earth, Caltopo quite adequate. Any custom map can be created, stored, and printed as desired.

The only new twist for me is road restrictions which I posted earlier about finding sources. I have to believe all public roadways have some mandate for posting these locations to some public accessible database. As long as georeferenced, it is simple to filter the dataset to include ones along your route.

Lastly, like BW notes, the fun is enjoying the journey and the better you plan and know your routes, the more you can enjoy the trip rather than worrying about hitting a bridge. In reality, you really just need to check the secondary roads for them as virtually all major routes have sufficient clearance for typical bus conversions. Chances are greater to encounter road closures or rerouting than than a low bridge.
All's good it meets the DD specs and easy to find too

Right now it's on sale for $13.99 per gallon at advance Auto parts. Pretty good price compared to regularly $19.99 per gallon. I'll order tonight and pickup in store tomorrow sometime when I'm up that way
All's good it meets the DD specs and easy to find too 
So opinions on the oil?

Shell rotella T1 straight grade SAE 40

For a Detroit 6v92TA
Calendar / Re: That Dam Rally
« Last post by lvmci on Today at 02:57:53 PM »
Funny, thanks Matt, tom...
Pre rally Willow Beach RV park, lake Mojave, 31oct/01nov, lvmci...
Calendar / Re: That Dam Rally
« Last post by Beluga Bus on Today at 02:44:40 PM »
Thanks Tom, will get my site. I will also attend the pre rally if it happens, but don't you think from Aug 31 to Nov 1 is too long? LOL
Bus Topics ( click here for quick start! ) / 1956 Beck Bus
« Last post by eagle10 on Today at 01:38:40 PM »
History of 1956 Beck Bus at Bus museum.
I recently spoke with Dick Lamb of Custom Land Yachts in Windham, Maine who owned this Bus for about 29 years.
1956 Sold to Maine Line-Brunswick Transportation. They were a Beck dealer at the time.
1974 Dick and Nancy Lamb bought it in Lewiston, Maine from a band as it had a blown motor. Rebuilt motor, converted it, drove to Calif. and Arizona.
1975 Installed new L10.
2004 Sold to John Ferget from Vt. or N.H. ?
2005 Couple from Calif. bought it and had an automatic installed in Texas.
2006 Back in Salem, Mass. at Spike Michaud's with broken windshield, front and side panel damage.
2006 Back to Dick Lamb's for repair in Maine.
2018 Contact Dick Lamb for more info. 1-207-233-6464
He has a windshield, manuals, other parts, etc. Also a complete history of the bus.
Hopefully, I got the details correct!

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