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Both are good engines ,the early 12.7 had a problems with the bull gear around 600,000 miles and  with the center bore  (liners)would sink and they would have a lot of blow by and exhaust into the radiator  check for a gray color in the coolant   
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« Last post by belfert on June 22, 2021, 05:57:30 AM »
12.5KW.  The mileage for the engine alone was 7.2 MPG for the entire trip per my Silverleaf.  Not sure how much fuel the generator uses. 

I didn't use the A/C on the way back after Flagstaff.  It was actually quite cool on the way home.  I ran the generator a couple of times on the way home so I could run my heat pump for heat.
12.7L, one of the best engines of all time, up there with the CAT 3406. Have the bull gear bearing play checked.
It would be a prudent thing to do, the results won't be dramatic if everything is normal, or the oil has been recently changed, but it can catch unusual amounts of wear metals, antifreeze contamination. It should not replace careful inspection and road testing.

 Oil analysis only gives you a trending look unless you catch it before it is changed..>>>Dan
Both are great engines. I have had both in a 45' DL3. For a 40 footer an 11.1 would be fine if you find a bus that you just really can't pass up, otherwise look for the 12.7 it's a much nicer driving experience. Try to get a pre egr engine. The 11.1 is usually up to around 350hp and 1150 tq, there were a few reflashed to 365 and 1250tq i believe. The 12.7 can be up to 470hp and 1550 tq with a factory flash, or higher if you find someone who is willing to tinker with it for you. Most coaches with 11.1 would have shipped with it set at 330/350 and the 12.7 anywhere from 370 to 430. Fuel mileage is going to be similar on both engines. I picked up about 1mpg when I swapped the 11.1 out with the 12.7.

Just my two cents, do with it what you will.
Hello all,

Just thinking it may be a wise thing to get and engine oil analysis before buying. 

Am I missing something? 
Is this extreme? 
Is this not as indicative of issues as I may thing?

If this is a good idea, is there a testing company with a quick turnaround you can suggest?



Continuing my search for a D3 and I noticed that there is an 11.1 CI and a 12.7 CI Series 60 engine.

Any opinions on them.  Are they equally reliable, engineering, etc., or is one of them to be avoided?

Thanks a million

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« Last post by chessie4905 on June 21, 2021, 08:41:52 PM »
If I was doing this, I would check out some travel trailers to get an idea. Be careful though. Some of the newer ones have taller ceilings than before. So, take a measuring tape and make note of your coach ceiling height.
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« Last post by richard5933 on June 21, 2021, 06:20:22 PM »
See how tall your tallest kid is when sitting on the bed and then add a few inches - that would be the ideal height, if you have enough room. No rules on this stuff.
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