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Re: EHP roll board???
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Reflectix is rated differently for different applications.



and using the application for a metal building, (which probably approximates a bus), and considering I only have a 1/4" dead air space, I figure as a WAG that the R value is probably around 1. However it also works as a reflective barrier system which also helps.
However... I don't really believe all the hype that I've seen from these kinds of companies. I saw a few that touted the R value as "Up tp r-25" for foil-bubble-foil.
Reflectix is available at Lowe's and Home Depot and many other home centers.

The blue foam is available from Lowe,s and other places. It is a Dow Building systems product with an R-3 rating per 1/2"


I cut the foam to fit between the ribs, using 3 layers. I also filled all the cracks and seams with canned spray foam insulation. The foil goes over the ribs, (which I covered with felt as a conduction barrier), and the edges of the foil are sealed together with aluminum foil HVAC tape.

Hopefully all of this gives me at least an honest R-9 rating. It seems to help quite a bit anyway.. we can heat the bus with 2 1500 watt space heaters and be in shirt sleeves down to about 20° if the wind isn't blowing and the nose isn't faced into the wind.. that part isn't done yet.
In the summer time, if we are in the shade, our two window A/C,s keep it comfortable inside up to about 95°. If we had roof air or mini splits, I don't think we'd have a problem cooling at over 100°