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« on: January 25, 2009, 12:43:31 PM »
Could use some prayers here guys, a few days ago I took libby to the ER with backachaes and general nausia, they ran some tests and diagnosed acute renal failure.  That was thursday, they admitted her into the hospital and she is deteriorating, on friday she was given an oxygen assist thru a tube, on saturday she was on a full oxygen mask with a rebreather, today she has developed pneumonia, they don't know why the kidneys are failing yet, no sign of blockages or infection, but they are running tests.  All they know at this point is that for some reason she is deep into renal failure and now has severe respiritory distress, she seems to be going downhill, the doctors are working very hard and now the discussion may include a respirator, could use some prayers for her, thanks guys.
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Re: Libby
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    As I told you the other day, we are so sorry to hear about Libby. We will keep ya'll in our prayers.  Call anytime you need someone to talk to. Jack & Paula
PS: Give Libby a big hug from us.
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Re: Libby
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Cody what a shocker and here we thought you were on the way up! You sure don't need this at this time of your life! Our prayers are with you and Libby!
With luck, new technology, and God, the odds are with her I'm sure!
Hang in there and were all here if you need anything!


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Re: Libby
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Cody, I am so sorry to hear this.  We will definitely be praying for both of you.

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Re: Libby
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Hi Cody, we are Praying for Libby.
If you need to talk...828-310-8111.
Love to both of you!
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Re: Libby
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I'll add both of you to our prayer list. Please keep us posted.

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Re: Libby
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Cody, you and Libby are in my prayers. 

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Re: Libby
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Whoa...........If I had known I would have been more than happy to chat with
 you with a more meaningful diailog than weather............

  Our prayers  for Libby and you


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Re: Libby
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Hi Cody,

You have our prayers... I hope all will turn out well.

Please keep us posted on Libby's condition

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Re: Libby
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Cody ,Cheryl and I are Praying for Libby and you ,this is terrible news ,stay strong and hopeful,You know how to reach us.Please keep us all posted ,and let us know here on the board ,should you need us for any and respect.

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Re: Libby
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Cody, First prayer said and more coming. Hang in there and I pray that God gives both of you all of the strength you need to get through this crisis. - Greg
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Re: Libby
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Gosh Cody,

So sorry to hear of Libby's conditon. Hopefully the Doctors wil be able to give her some help and that she heals quickly.

We'll be praying for you guys.

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Re: Libby
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You and Libby are in our prayers. 

Liz & Matt
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Re: Libby
« Reply #13 on: January 25, 2009, 05:55:52 PM »
Based on personal experience, I have total faith that prayer is just as or more powerful than any known man made medicine. May God bless you and Libby!


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Re: Libby
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I am praying for you and Libby. I pray that she pulls through. I personally know how hard it is to see somebody you love suffer like that.

God bless,

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