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Re: Libby/update
« Reply #165 on: February 09, 2009, 06:17:49 AM »
I've filled out many applications for different agencies to locate help but so far I've come up empty, my income is high enough so be over most of the guidelines for concideration, we also applied for disability for her at the recommendation of the doctor, all these things take time and we just have to tread water until the calvary arrives lol, mean while we're doing ok.

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Re: Libby/update
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I am so glad that everything is going to be ok Cody.
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Re: Libby/update
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Seems like if you work and pay taxes or have a good retirement There is never any help. Seems kind of messed up to me. Keep looking bound find some kind of help.

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Re: Libby/update
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Cody, I am so glad Libby is home with you now. Please think about limiting her visitors because in her weakened state a simple cold from a visitor could be devastating to her.

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Re: Libby/update
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Cody, what's up with the dialysis?   
I'd guess that Libby is on a good many meds?  If so, you may be able to get some relief by applying to the manufacturers for low priced, or no priced support.  I'll get Terri to get the info if you have needs for med support.  Most pharma's offer big discounts to select patients.  You gotta ask for it.
Keep Libby sitting up as much as possible...and moving around as much as she can tolerate.
The constant repositioning will help her lungs improve. 
Laying in one position most of the time will cause untold problems.  Skin breakdown, respiratory problems, muscle issues.  Gotta move...even if it is just repositioning in bed. 
Keep her head up as high as is comfortable.  The more vertical the better, as long as she tolerates sitting up.   If Libby gets dizzy or presents other symptoms  such as confusion...she may not be able to tolerate sitting up. 
Now is when family members could be useful.  The RN should be available as they are directed from the discharging hospital...NA's, who do baths and such...that's another issue.
Dean brings up an excellent point...having sick folk, or any children around Libby is problematic.   Her immune system is exhausted and any cold or flu exposure will not be well tolerated.  Keep children and anyone with a kleenex away from Libby...
We're thinking about you and Libby....good luck!  JR

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Re: Libby/update
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HEY Y'ALL CODY & LIBBY NEED HELP BADLY! See the link below and let's see what we can do!   BK
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Re: Libby/update
« Reply #171 on: February 10, 2009, 06:53:13 AM »

Keep your head up ;). It is so refreshing to hear what a good attitude you have about problems that would have caused others to sink long ago!!!

I am still praying.

God bless,

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