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Info On Mounting Vena LCD Monitor
« on: April 09, 2006, 07:45:32 PM »
FWIW, If anyone buys and installs a Vena Engineering LCD electrical system monitor, be advised that it is an LCD screen that must be viewed at perpendicular angles.   I believe that these are the "cheap" LCDs.     I mounted mine above the MW and it is a little too high.   While this is not ideal, it works.    The large readouts are readily visible, but the identifiers are not easily read.  The "sine" wave indicator is quite small and I have to get less than a foot in front to read it.  Don't know what the point is I suppose...I know that the pole will be sine, and the inverter will modified sine.   
Cannot sit at the dinette, look up, and expect to read anything.   
The unit functions very well.  The AC amp transformer is sensitive to any load.  The DC amps scale similarly shows even the load of the meter backlighting at .05 A.    It will read the hertz for the inverter and genset also since it picks up these readings from a duplex mounted transformer.    Need one more AC amp transformer (little doughnut thingy) for the genset. 
Happy with the unit function...unhappy with the inability to see from any angle other than straight-on.   
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