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Author Topic: ATEC Problems  (Read 8512 times)

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Re: ATEC Problems
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I want to thank everyone for their help trouble shooting this issue, the advice, diagrams have been a tremendous help. The problem is now resolved. It's been going on so long I forgot how well this coach runs. The problem was the PROM.

As you know New Jersey Transit bus's have little nuances ;-) The tweaked DDEC PROM and now apparently the ATEC PROM. Though the part numbers or the ATEC match which was the argument the parts company made they are not all the same. lol

Today I'm running a 'new' ATEC with the original PROM ( pays to be a pac rat ) the DDEC I  'HP PROM'. My god it runs well. cooler I think too!

Again thank you all four your help. A special thanks to JR, Pete and Butch and Rich at http://www.wwwilliams.com/ . You guys rock!

On to making a trailer hitch!

-Tom O'Neil
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