Author Topic: Need rear axle drive ratio for 1979 Eagle Model 5 bus  (Read 6784 times)

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Re: Need rear axle drive ratio for 1979 Eagle Model 5 bus
« Reply #15 on: May 15, 2009, 08:12:56 PM »
As I remember using Tom's method of jacking only one wheel and counting you have to divide the shaft revolutions by 2? Or it may have been divide the wheel revs by two, it was one or the other and is obvious when you do it.

I did it a long time ago on my one ton and that is the method I used.
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Re: Need rear axle drive ratio for 1979 Eagle Model 5 bus
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Lovrbus got me that data on my Eagle! Here is what he said:

built Sept 1979
went to American Bus Line of Neb.  Dec of 1979
Changed to Greyhound Oct 1980  Greyhound number 6223
8v71 272 hp @ 2100 
3.73 Rockwell with Rockwell drop box
4 speed Spicer transmission
power steering No
24.5 Firestone tires
American reclineing seats
overhead luggage yes
reading lights yes
AC yes
cabin heat with drivers control
rest room yes
pa system with AM and FM radio
engine over ride for shut down yes
desitnation sign yes
split door with air control

After reviewing this listing, some interesting items:

- Confirms that it was a manual transmission before it got the Allison HT740

- Since it is unlikely that anyone would have changed the rear axle ratio, especially since both the Spicer and the Allison have a 1.0 top gear ratio, and yet the bus now tries to go 80 to 85 mph when my supervision of its speed gets lax, it seems very likely that the governor speed has been raised  - and, quite a bit, since the 3.73 coupled with the Toyo tires I have (478 revs/mile) computes to 2358 engine rpm at just 80 mph, let alone 83 to 85 (which I have seen on the speedo on level highway).

- The bus came without power steering, but acquired it somewhere along the way, as it has it now.

- The bus AC was removed somewhere along the way, and an Onan 7.5 kw generator put in the space it freed up

- The air control switch for the door is still on the dash panel, but the door was turned into a manually opened ONE-piece door, and very nicely done at that – it has a REAL household type deadbolt lock in addition to an RV door handle mechanism

Another interesting item: TWICE in the past few weeks since I got the bus, we have had really heavy rain here at my home here near Austin, Texas, which is normally really dry. Both times, wind driven rain penetrated the house and required cleanup, but the bus stayed bone dry both times. Looks like when we start using it for fulltiming in a few weeks, it will make  a more watertight home than our current home. :)

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Re: Need rear axle drive ratio for 1979 Eagle Model 5 bus
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 Interested in doin the 1/4 @ Enlishtown,N J ? :D