Author Topic: Where is Randy Fulkerson?  (Read 11630 times)

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Re: Where is Randy Fulkerson?
« Reply #30 on: October 03, 2006, 01:29:11 PM »
Hmmm - Unless Randy past away in the last 2 weeks - I talked to him about a series 50 on Ebay
It's my understanding that Randy

<>had/has Hepatitis C - That's bad enough

<>Was undergoing Interferon treatments - For those of you who don't know - some Medicines / treatments are worst than the diesease itself - The side efforts of Interferon are horrible - and is usually used when other options have FAILED -

<>A few years ago he was confused with another Randy when someone suggested he was involved with a missing RTS
    (Seems we can thank R. Terry mighty keyboard talents for that problem)

<>had a shipping company go bust and lose parts that he shipped to customers -

<>So before you guys "KICK HIM WHEN HE'S DOWN)  again
Pete RTS/Daytona

Pete please don't take this offensively, but as you point out it is your understanding. Also if you'll notice I'm not trying to kick him at all! But hey the evidence is there that he's had some bad transactions that as far as I know some were never cleared up! Take Krush for instance last I heard he was still out $500.00 bucks! Which I guess if yer down on yer luck it's only $500.00 bucks of someone else's $, but to me it's $500.00 bucks!
Now then we have a widow emailing Dallas that he's passed on. But now all the sudden he's resurected and has new morals too I suppose? Hey I ain't trying to kick the guy back in his grave, but I would like some realistic answers to some real issues here! I could make up some wild assumptions (which by the way I'm trying not to do here for the benefit of the "late" Mr. Fulkerson) and go hog wild spreading them, but I am try'n to make the facts know so others can beware there have been problems and the buyer should beware or if not should not expect any more sympothy than say you would be entitled to if you were to go to Mr. Sam Walker and plunk down $200,000.00 dollars for him to build you your dream coach after what you know about him!
IF Randy is still alive and wanting to rebuild his reputation with the bus nut crowd I say he should do so! But that means he should get on this board as well as the other one and do some explaining to the members who have proven issues! Also I'd expect after some of the things that have happened he needs to show faith in us by proving he's not another Sam Walker just preying on the wonderful and sometimes gullible world of busnuts who sometimes loss sight of protecting themselves in pursuit of a good deal on the building of their dream! BK  ;D
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Re: Where is Randy Fulkerson?
« Reply #31 on: October 03, 2006, 06:38:12 PM »
Man” I can’t believe I’m still walking around and breathing LOL. But I am keeping and eye out for those greyhounds. Busted Knuckle you are not kicking anyone while they are down but are only wanting and answer to questions that need to be answered. I am glad you put your money back in your pocket. If you ever see me even thinking of giving my money to ether Mr. Walker or Randy Fulkerson please shoot me in the head. Oh never mind if I were to lose $500 much less $200.000 to anyone my wife would beat you to it plus she would pump about five more rounds into my lifeless carcass  for good measure LOL.

I got bad news Busted Knuckle  I will not be able to make it down for the Tenn  bus bash something very important came up for that Saturday and I can’t leave town. My church is honoring our pastor for 25yrs on that night and I would not even think of missing that. But I’m just going to call you and come down and see you in the near future.

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Re: Where is Randy Fulkerson?
« Reply #32 on: October 13, 2006, 08:35:08 AM »
Hey everybody!  I'd like to first note that for some reason, my original post on BNO's forum has mysteriously disappeared... Kinda weird when you consider EVERYTHING is archived.

Also, Randy has never contacted me, even though he was emailed by a third party and told to do so.  I admit, I have not called him, but I will try this afternoon and will get back with ya'll. 

Lastly, this is not a kick when a person is down.  If anybody is getting the shaft, it's me for being overly nice.  The is always two sides to every story, but I have all the documentation to back up mine (paypal receipts, emails, etc).  I do not have a recording of the voice conversations, but I have no reason to lie.

I will continue the chase when I can, but I've bascially "wrote off" the $500 and would be surprised if it ever comes back.  Luckily this community is very small and word of bad business practices become known.

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Re: Where is Randy Fulkerson?
« Reply #33 on: October 13, 2006, 08:40:04 AM »
I noticed he had a post on BNO a few days ago for a 6V92 engine but it disappeared almost immediately. At least I could not find it. I suspect that I@N might have pulled it. Maybe he pulled your post also.
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Re: Where is Randy Fulkerson?
« Reply #34 on: November 11, 2006, 07:37:40 PM »
I too am looking for Randy Fulkerson.  I am the new collector for WCE.  Randy had them truck several buses cross country and then never paid the trucking company.  They got judgements from the court against him, but has had trouble finding him.  The manager actually traveled out to Missouri, went to his house on the golf course, visited his bus yard, and yes, there was plenty of assets in that yard.  But Randy was no where.  We left the judgment papers with the sheriffs office.  Still to this date, we have not been paid, or heard from Randy.