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A bit OT
« on: July 08, 2006, 12:05:04 AM »
   I will be hosting this group of I think 15 while their in Chicago. I am not sure of their itinerary for the rest of the trip but just thought maybe some other busnuts would offer them a place to stay along their route. They are traveling in 3 rented motor homes. I won’t know what size until Thursday when they arrive. I don’t know if they will accept the offer or not but think it would be a great way to show people of other Countries what makes this Country so great the people in it.  If anyone is interested you can email me at rick@freshrvwater.com 
                                                                                              Rick 74 MC-8

In November 2005 under the direction of the National Union of Youth and Children of Russia and the magazine “Cooperation” the humanitarian project “In Search of Destination” was formed.  The idea of the project is to search for a united direction of development of our country through the study of existing structures of other countries.  There are borders between governments.  Between countries there are also societal borders, communication boarders.  The goals of the project cross the governmental borders, expand the borders of communication space within our own country.
The United States is the chosen subject of research.  The fundamental piece of the project - All Russian Community Expedition.
Russian research in America travel by car across the United States from June 26th through August 1st 2006. In a month’s time, 50 participants divided into 10 groups of 5-6 people will cross America from East to West.  During the trip each of the participants will have his own special task.  The shared purpose of the expedition is to gather information and impressions about the studied country.  Under this purpose the program of expedition was designed to include visiting the Supreme Court, Congress, United Nations, colleges, universities, festivals and exhibitions of modern art, meetings with simple people as well as political and intellectual elite of the country, as representatives of culture.
The next phase of the project - analysis of the gathered material - to conclude in November 2006 with a presentation of the results of the project.  In October 2006, the study will be published in the form of a book, which on one hand will be published in the style of the tale of “Ilf and Petrov” “Ground Floor America” and on the other hand a modern tale based on the real adventures of the trip.  At the same time, a scientific essay of the exhibition – “The Geo-culture of USA” based on the social, cultural, and political materials of the exhibition will be published.
The duration of the whole expedition  will be recorded by professional video footage, which will result in several documentary films and television programs, shown on one federal and several regional channels at the end of 2006.
About 20 Miles West Of Chicago