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Author Topic: When mirrored walls are installed on a bus, what kind of mirror is used?  (Read 4883 times)

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Those blocks look great. What brand are they?

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I love those glass blocks. Where did you get them?

Here's the url that prompted my original question:


The 12"x12" mirrors in this bathroom appear to be real glass, since the edges are beveled, and I've never seen beveled plastic mirrors.

What is the mastic people are talking about in this thread? If it never hardens, that would suggest even if the mirror cracks that no big chunks are going to fall off the wall and slice you open.

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We used beveled glass mirrors in our conversion. The glass company I bougth them from coated the back with some sort of tape. I have close to 60000 miles on the conversion a no problems. ( knock on wood)  I do not know what the tape was but if you are intrested I will ask.

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The mastic is called Gunther ultra/bond for mirrors stay soft and will not cause a good mirror to desilver  comes in a tube or tape form 18 bucks a tube and probably more for tape.If you notice a mirror with streaks in the background that is because the wrong mastic was used silicone and liquid nail are the worst   good luck
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I went to the site you posted and they have a section of photos of actual use.  I think you should send them a picture.  A window in a bus conversion using their product is certainly unique!

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