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Chat room
« on: July 09, 2006, 09:02:54 PM »
Seriously folks,  the Chat Room is not being used to it's full capacity.  Here's a Golden Opportunity to talk, one on one, or one on two, or one on three, or whatever numbers, with the folks you converse with almost daily on The Board. :( :

The other day one of our Members had a problem on vacation with his family.  We couldn't converse by Cell phone but we did use the Chat Room, since he was Wi-Fi, and had access to the Chat Room. :)

Stop and think about it.  This is a tool.  And a very important tool.  One which might just save you a lot of aggrevation and give you and family the feeling of security when you're on the road.  Mostly because you have the Board AND the Chat room to discuss the details of your problem with folks who know....or can put you in touch of another BusNut or a facility near you for help that you're not aware of. ::)

Granted, were not in here 24-7 but it's better than a poke in the eye with a stick!  It might just be, at some time or another, your lifeline to the outside.  We have to use it, open it in a second window, so that if one of us of needs help...we'll hear it and come on over to see if we can't do something for a fellow BusNut. :-\

If more of us will come in, on that second window, there'll be someone here to either just Chat...or be there for one of us who might have a problem.  Multi-tasking in Windows or Firefox isn't a big deal! ;)

Think about it for a moment....There isn't another Board which offers this option.  We should be grateful to MAK for this opportunity  and use it to its' fullest. ;D

Now, our Fearless Moderator, Dallas, is a fountain of knowledge and a gentleman.  If we could only find a way for Cat to connect a wire from her computer to his big toe, while he's sleeping, and one of need to MOOOOO for attention...it will trigger an Model "A" coil (just to get his attention) and we'll have somone immediately in the Chat Room to help...should there be a problem. ;)

Just my two cents.....

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