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Author Topic: Mci 9 bus door  (Read 2524 times)

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Mci 9 bus door
« on: July 12, 2006, 09:46:46 PM »
When you shut the door on my MCI 9 bus from the outside the inside door handle will not "cam over" lock.  From the inside it works great with the handle.  It acts like that an adjusting rod needs to be longer or shorter.  How is the correct way to adjust the door?


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Re: Mci 9 bus door
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2006, 03:53:47 AM »
On top of the dash on the passenger side you should see a access panel that is held in place by a couple screws. Remove this panel and you will see a turnbuckle. That is the adjustment.  You may be able to remove the Drivers AC/heat air return panel on the face of the dash and look up under the dash to see the turnbuckle.  Hope this helps, Jack
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Re: Mci 9 bus door
« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2006, 03:23:33 PM »
HI Jim & Folks:

Good info. from Jack.  There is also a fat little spring under there that if disconnected or broken, will cause the same problem. We keep a box full of those springs on the shelves as we quite often change them out here in the shop or ship them to MCI coach owners.
I Hope this HELPS!!

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