Author Topic: Cleaning out the collection - Gee after 7 years should I throw that away...??  (Read 7955 times)

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I believe that just about all Bus Nuts are pack rats. LOL. I have just replaced all 4 front airbags because of old age and weather checking. I took the old bags and put them in my garage attic. Now why would I ever need them again, but I got em. The new ones should out last me. I am to a point were I am gonna have to clean out my shop, Boy do I dreed that. LOL.


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OK, I have one for you. . . you guys know we have 38 acres here and then another 10 at Larry's current shop. . . well, we managed to stack up 11, count em' ELEVEN spare, undriveable vehicles of one type or another :-[.  They ranged from vans to trucks, either retiree vans or parts vans, you name it, they were stacking up.  Finally, bless him, Larry made the command decision to have them all hauled off. :)

You see, we kept hanging on to them thinking we'd need a spare mirror, or computer or relay or something, but the truth is, very seldom was there anything that was worth pulling off an old van. . .usually he'd buy a new part anyway.  Then, there was the idea that maybe we should pull a few things off and sell them on Ebay or something before hauling off the old truck, but you know what, we never did.  We were too busy to ever take the time, so one day, Larry called a salvage yard and said he'd GIVE the vans to him if he'd come get them all.  Of course, they were thrilled, and so was I. ;D

Now, I'm not suggesting that we've quit becoming pack rats,  ;) and I fear that when Larry's new shop is built at the office, it will be as full as the one he uses now ::), but I think we are learning that we have limited time and energy, so we have to be realistic about what we will do and what we "think" we will do.  So, there is hope. . . a teeny, tiny ray of hope, for all of us. ;D  Christy Hicks
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Here is a suggestion to those going to Dallas & Cats bus gathering in Timmonsville in October, bring the stuff you can on your bus or that is already on your bus that you feel you can part with and lets all have one heck of a yard sale that only us busnuts would appreciate while there.  WE can put it in front of our buses on a particular day so that say maybe from 9-12 AM everthing in front of our buses is on sale. 

WE do not have a definate plan for the bus gathering weekend and anything goes in the relaxed atmosphere at this bus gathering so lets run this by Dallas & Cat to consider before planning it without thier input.  Give Dallas & Cat an idea on this post how many would like to do that.

No commercial sales though to ruin what we think will be a very personal gathering I am sure those that did not attend last year will enjoy.


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This is no laughing matter, I see the symtoms all the time.
Get rid of that junk, soooo where do you take it (Danny's junk yard) of course.
Dazed and confused when they leave, with a little change in their pockets for consolation.
But never fear its not left here, for you see I'm the biggest pack rat of them all.
Just this morning someone in the local area turned in over 1200 lbs of buss alum. mostly junk but some good trim.
Well another area for different stuff. Its all good


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Got the same problem, cant even get into the garage and i cant find anything when i do, i buy things then find em in the garage days later, ive got things in there from the 50 s, between the bus and the old cars theres no hope, on top of that the wife is as bad so we have a real problem, but i just cant throw away good things that cost money. i have no idea how to deal with this mess
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As I was collecting some new treasure, I asked my brother-in-law for help. His question was 'are you going to put this underneath or on top of all the other junk you have but don't use?'

I thought it was funny that he didn't understand the value of the stuff.  :)

There are 2 sizes of garage/ shop - too small & WAY TOO SMALL!

I know I have too much junk, but; leaving the new car outside so the pile of rusty parts saved from the field can stay dry is important to a packrat.

Every time I'm able to do a project without going to the store absolutely kills any notion of reducing my 'inventory' of junk.

I can avoid making a decision if I can put it somewhere.  ;)

Until the neighbors complain (or wife finds an effective threat  :o), I'll continue to save 'treasures'. My wife & I compromised, I get the back yard for stuff & she gets the front & side yards junk free. (That may be why the car won't fit in the garage!)

I also fear that if I throw something away, I'll see on next Antiques Road Show that it is worth $$$$$$$$  :P

I've got it bad & worse than that, I'll refuse treatment if ever offered!

 ;D ;D But I'm HAPPY ;D  ;D

& that is what matters.
(that & finding more storage :D)

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