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Author Topic: 1-1-2010 Flying J will become Pilot.  (Read 10602 times)

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Re: 1-1-2010 Flying J will become Pilot.
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One of my major complaints at truck fueling stations is the inevitable mess on the ground, makes my sneakers slippery!

Also, often I get into a loop with the automatic pump system which assumes I have a truck and wants to know my credit type, I usually give up on those and leave.

I hate those slave pumps too.

I don't need high pressure fueling, I'm in no hurry.

Yes, one of these types seems to be lurking under every rock just waiting to come out to attack Obama who is doing his best to clean up the mess left by Bush. It takes a lot of time to fix a disaster eight years in the making. He left TX in the same mess when he left there also.
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Re: 1-1-2010 Flying J will become Pilot.
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Politics..................... :(

Flying J.................... :)
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