Author Topic: Am I depressed or what?  (Read 4355 times)


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Am I depressed or what?
« on: July 19, 2006, 09:36:05 AM »
Nothing to do!

Monday I started out doing a really large jon that was scheduled to take all week. Hired in extra help to get it done. Got started and after all of us got a good sweat going, the lady shows up and stops us. Said the house wasn't quite ready. It ashould be ready in about 3-4 weeks. This makes the 3rd time she rescheduled but the first time we actually got started. OK no other work was scheduled for the week and the jobs that are on the books can't be moved up.

Work on the bus? Sure, but the vinyl that was ordered still hasn't arrived and won't be shipped until Friday so no further ceiling work can be done. How about the window shades that need to be hung. Ok,but the problem is they haven't shipped yet either. No telling when they will arrive. How about those new puck lights I just purchased? No can do since the ceiling isn't done!

Still missing my ole' dog Pepper and looking for another but that's even hard. My vet had me believing he was a Catahoula and come to find out, he was actually a  Blue Heeler. I kind of want another one just like him but searching day and night has come up empty. Then my mind says, you don't need another dog to replace him. Why would you want to do that? Then I start feeling guilty about putting him down, whether it was the right thing to do or not! Man, how the mind plays tricks with you! Anyway, I called some friends to just pass the time and well, you guessed it. They're busy and can't talk! Called Susan at work and well with her company just being bought out by Fed Ex and her getting this huge promotion, she's tied up all day in meetings! Must be nice! ($$$)

Oh well, here I sit, broken hearted, and no material to do anything with to keep me busy! You can only wash the outside of the bus so much and that's a tiring job!  It's too hot outside to do anything in the yard and it cost money to go anywhere!

So here I am, depressed or what?


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Re: Am I depressed or what?
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2006, 09:49:29 AM »
Hey Ace,
I can't believe you only have the headliner and window shades left to do on your bus.  Are you sure there are no other loose ends left to tie up?  It can be very theraputic to work on some of the smaller things and get them knocked off your list.

As far as the dog is concerned, have you tried ""?  My wife is on there many times a week just enjoying looking at all the animals available.  You might just find that "one" dog you are looking for.

There is no better cure for the broken hearted than to get up and get busy on something.

Take care,

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Re: Am I depressed or what?
« Reply #2 on: July 19, 2006, 10:28:17 AM »
Must be the time of year. I've been feeling a bit depressed lately, too, and it's been 3 1/2 years since I had to put my best friend down (time hasn't helped much, I still miss her and it still hurts). We're scheduled to leave on our vacation this friday. Maybe it's the cost of diesel that's getting me down. Or maybe it's been the dang blasted heat up here. Or maybe that my uncle, the last of the relatives we claim on my father's side died a couple months ago, and I know he won't be coming down this year to see me while we're out there fishing. Or possibly that I'm just in this crappy place in my life right now with no end in sight, wanting so badly to be someplace else, doing something else and knowing it can't happen for several more years.

Now I'm really depressed.  At least we're getting rain today!

I haven't worked on my bus seriously for over a year. I ran a larger 12v wire to the rear last week and started putting in some of the a/c duct work that I didn't have in yet. That's about it. I fixed the broken roof vent, but that was a necessity. Rewired the defrogger on the fridge so it would work with my inverter. Got my CB radio fixed. Pulled my busted water tank and fixed the seam in it. Replumbed my valves to correct for the problem that caused the tank to bust in the first place. Fixed a coolant leak in a homemade bulkhead fitting in my heating system (shouldn't have leaked in the first place). Watered my batteries. Changed a couple wires in my minimal electrical system to get the A/C compressors on the proper busses in the panel. Replaced the blasted fuel pressure switch on the engine... again. Checked the bus A/C to make sure it's working well for this trip.

Shoot now that I look at it, I've actually done quite a bit on the bus this year. Most all of it's been maintenance.

I didn't get the coolant changed or new thermostats installed. Didn't get my Aquahot plumbed to the engine. Didn't get anything done on my interior.

I think I'm going to put some golf balls in my front tires tonight and get my windshield wipers replaced, fill the tanks with water and start packing for the trip.  When we get back, the seats, matress and anything else that's not bolted down are coming out and I'm going to hit it hard again on the interior this fall.

If I was there, we'd go have a cold beer.

Craig Shepard
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Re: Am I depressed or what?
« Reply #3 on: July 19, 2006, 11:17:04 AM »
Maybe Bored, but not depressed.  Depressed.......if I'm having a bad day,or feeling sorry for myself,I just think of those that are disabled,in wheel chairs and what have ya...all of a sudden,I'm not depressed any more.In fact I'm happy, because I still have my health and am able to still work,thats the way I look at it,their isn't nothing and I mean nothing more important thens ones health....Frank


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Re: Am I depressed or what?
« Reply #4 on: July 19, 2006, 11:43:04 AM »
We lost our Golden Retriever about 8 months ago.  He had the cancer pretty bad.  (By the way, that is where Moof comes from).  We decided no more dogs.  Period, end of story, no more discussion, and most importantly, no more hair...  Well about 4 months ago a friend sent me a link to Golden Retriever Rescue.  There was a picture of a young boy named Sam.  Well Sam now has a new home.  Just happens to be the same place I live.  Go figure.  You'll never find a replacement for your lost friend.  But you will make a new one.  The right one is probably looking for a new home right now.

Good luck.

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Re: Am I depressed or what?
« Reply #5 on: July 19, 2006, 12:20:44 PM »
Ace, go make a new best friend.
As my vet told me when i had to let my 2 best friends go, don't be selfish.
I asked him what he meant and he said don't be selfish by keeping them for our reasons, even though we knew they were ready to go.My Black Lab and my Yellow Lab (a few years later) were the best things since sliced bread. Smart,kind,strong,unconditional love.
Best friends to just hang out with while working on our toys- buses, cars,etc.
Never asked for much, just plenty of attention.
I now have another Black Lab and a Golden retreiver too. Two peas in a pod. We spend hours in the pool together.
You'll never forget the fine memories of your dog, we don't get new "best friends" to replace those memories, just to continue making new ones.
Now go give a fine pup a new home.

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Re: Am I depressed or what?
« Reply #6 on: July 19, 2006, 01:03:36 PM »
Know what you mean Ace, I just lost a housecat that I had for 16 years.  (I know, I know - you manly men think cats don't count.  Bite me, SweetiePie was my pal).

You might find another Blue Heeler, but you'll never find another Pepper.

I have a 5 year old Basset that my inlaws had for a while.  Their idea of pet care was not the same as mine, and when they decided to let him go I was glad to take him.  Like the platoon of knuckleheads that they are, as soon as they got hold of a Basset hound they started thinking they were Colonel Sanders or something, and they named him "Beauregard".

I'm a busy man, I have a wife and 2 teens, I have motorcycle safety courses to teach, I have a bus to work on.  I do not have time to be out in the yard hollerin' "Beauregard,,,  Beauregard,,, come hyar boy".  The dogs name is now boBO (accent on the second syllable).  I think he likes it better.

boBO is my buddy, and I get an extra good feeling knowing that I took him out of an environment where they thought "Kennel trained" meant "Dog spends 22 hours a day in the kennel".

Hope you find a new buddy too Ace.

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Re: Am I depressed or what?
« Reply #7 on: July 19, 2006, 02:24:23 PM »

I can identify with the "light at the end of the tunnel being the train" depression, myself.  I stopped keeping pets because it just hurt too much to lose them.  I've found it's best to avoid other unexpected events.  In that regard . . .

I just got back from visiting a friend who's in the process of building an airplane out of aluminum.  He placed the wing panels in the dining room, out of the way, so they'd remain undisturbed.  (dining room is rarely used).   Unfortunately,  the presence of the wings didn't escape the cat's attention, who proceeded to protect his territory and "spray" the wings with its urine.   Huge, deep, corrosion problem.  He'll have to re-skin the outer wing panels.

This experience brought back my memory of  the differing opinions between you and JTNG regarding whether aluminum is appropriate for black tanks.

Keep in mind, I don't recall any previous comment on my part regarding your choice of aluminum.  I remember only asking about the details of the installation not the choice of materials.   This is a fair question based on my recent experience.  Like I said above, you don't need any unexpected surprises. 

If you have a "lull" time prior to shipment of your other supplies,  why not take the time to inspect the interior and verify you were correct?  If you are,  my friend would sure like to know what type of aluminum or inner coating your tank came with!  If there is corrosion, it would be better to discover it now, and maybe do a ""Rhino" coating on the inside.

Finally,  a friend and wife have recently suffered a loss of 2 of 3 Norwegian Elkhounds, when a disgruntled neighbor, upset with the barking dogs (other neighbor's house was being burlarized) threw poisoned food over the fence.  Lost two.   They finally replaced the two with three and the joy in there lives is heartening.  No they won't forget Gunnar and CJ, but . . . Consider careful selection and replacing Pepper.

Good luck as to both!

Marc Bourget

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Re: Am I depressed or what?
« Reply #8 on: July 19, 2006, 05:17:13 PM »
Seems like the season... I feel like Marvin the robot in Hitchikers Guide.... A brain the size of a planet and I am so depressed...Hmmm... :-\ :-\

I haven't been motivated to work on the bus... Tried but still nuthin...
Need to work on a lot of stuff.... Too Hot, Too much work and little motivation...
Depressed that our collection or family of animals is too large to put in the bus to go anywhere. Can't leave them
and can't get rid of the children.. (cats)...
Depressed that I have been working way underpaid for so long... I had enough after getting screamed at both Monday and yesterday because some equipment broke down. I HAD to fix it...or they would be out of business!!!....
 I just told them I quit for the 50th time....After 2 hours they emailed me, They said I was a valued member of the staff and please don't resign.....They need me....
Depressed because I will lose my health insurance and pittance pay... That actually cheers me up a little because I won't be on 24 hour call 7 days a week anymore and expected to yank rabbits outta my butt on demand... Geee.... ::)

Depressed because I reprogrammed the electronic door locks at the office and 5 minutes later after writing the numbers down
couldn't remember what they were.. Didn't keep the note either... That's security... 5 digits out of 4-trillion.. ???
Never take a knife to a gunfight!

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Re: Am I depressed or what?
« Reply #9 on: July 19, 2006, 06:11:16 PM »
Gee Ace....With all that time on your hands maybe you ought to wax it(Fools Gold).

location: South central Ohio

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