Author Topic: Whats the latest radiatior technology?  (Read 12707 times)

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Re: Whats the latest radiatior technology?
« Reply #30 on: July 23, 2006, 01:42:46 PM »
Chuck - This might be of help.  Be Cool radiators makes custom radiators for hotrods.  All kinds of shapes and sizes for weird applications (like a blown big block in a 40 Ford (narrow opening).  Check their site out at

You will notice that you can call and talk to a tech about your application, and that you can also ship them a stock radiator to clone or use as a base for modification.   You can specify dimensions, flange types, cross flow or vertical... check it out.

It is tough to say what their experience in diesel applications is, but I wonder if they can look at the stock 8v71N radiator and answer the question, "can you give me 50% more (or whatever) cooling with your modern materials and methods?".

Might be worth a call.  The tough variable to talk to them about is how much airflow goes through the blowers... what is the CFM through the blowers on an MCI?

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