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Author Topic: warped and noisy entry door help  (Read 6123 times)

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Re: warped and noisy entry door help
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Tom, FWIW you want to try and repair the door on the bus remove the inside paneling and the outside skin yours being smooth not a major project without a jig and removing the frame the door will be almost impossible to fit when making repairs with the door off the raidus is hard to get right.

good luck
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Re: warped and noisy entry door help
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Jack and Tony and I tried a bit of an experiment this afternoon.  Jack has a hydrolic push device that we put at at the bottom of the door to bend the door toward the door frame.  We bent it about 1.5 inches, but it went mostly back out in place once we relieved the pressure.

It looks like we might be able to put a tapered deadbolt at the bottom that could pull the door tighter, maybe.  i think its in a little but at 70 the wind will just bend it out again.

i'll try to post some pictures.
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