Author Topic: NYT article on induction cooking  (Read 7371 times)

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Re: NYT article on induction cooking
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No previous experience with this company - just found it on a web search lightweight granite.

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Re: NYT article on induction cooking
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... I have looked and looked for the website for the 1/2 thickness granite I read about it in the FMCA magazine. I tried the site given in the mag and got no response, so suspected they went belly up like so many other RV related companies have. ...


The company discussed in FMCA, FlexStone, did in fact go out.  The guy ended up being a good personal friend of ours, and it was tough to watch him have to declare.  Another victim of the industry collapse that took out Country Coach and Monaco (his two biggest customers, not only for granite, but also heated floors).

That said, I can tell you that he did not manufacture the material; it is actually made by a company in Italy, and I believe it is still available.  That's the stuff backed with epoxy resin over woven roving.  The aluminum-backed stuff is also still available and commonly used on yachts, but I don't have the name handy.  You might have to do some research to track these companies down; most granite installers will never have heard of them.

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Re: NYT article on induction cooking
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maybe this is of some interest,

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Re: NYT article on induction cooking
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I appreciate the links, I have seen the flexstone site (lightweight granite) which uses the high strength epoxy resin on the back after heating the slab. The company that put the slab on the aluminum sheets seemed to me to be the best bet but I can't get the google, yahoo search to come up with it. I did come across a random one page add from RV Tradermagazine that showed it but there is no name or any identifying information in the add to tell what the company name is so I cannot search for it. It was an add from 2007. Like I said, I have been searching for a year. When I was in Elkhart IN last year, I even ask several places there, including RV manufactuers and they didn't know the name. I will keep trying!
I had not thought of calling yacht manufacturing companies so that is another source.
The sacerdote link has lightweight marble but not granite. When I contacted them, they said there is no US distributor to use but thanks for the link Van.
After reading about the induction hobs, then trying one, thw wife says "induction is it". So yea, Luvrbus, that what "we" are going to do, come you know what. It is up to me to figure out how to make it happen.
Finally, sorry for taking the thread in a different direction than it started!!!

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