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Author Topic: Inks Lake, Texas  (Read 866 times)

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Inks Lake, Texas
« on: May 12, 2010, 05:04:31 AM »
June 21 we are loading up the bus with groceries and rattlesnakes.  We are headed to the Burnett County Fairgrounds where we should arrive by 2300 hours (Knock wood).  I am going to shut her down and go to bed. 
0600 hours I should have coffee and bisquits going on the stove.  We are headed to the Texas BLue Lacy training day at the fairgrounds.  (Lacys are the official state dog of Texas).  They are going to be running blood trails, herding cattle and wild hog bayin.  I have a 1500 hour start time aon  June 22, who knows when I will get done.  When we are done we are going to ease on over to Inks Lake about 10 miles away.  I have 2-20 OZ ribeyes for the grill when we get there.  For some reason I seem to tip the bottle of Knob Creek a little more than I should when the 20 oz hits the grill.  My wife doesn't realize why I put the grill higher than I should when the Knob Creek bottle is flowing :)  The point of the story is this- If any bus nuts are going to be out around that way stop by.  Bring a steak I got the creek.  At 0800 this morning I am going to call and get my reservations for the lake.
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