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Re: cheapy gen set
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Len your post is the very reason for my post, the NEC is in fact not law and not only can be adjusted thru variances but often is, I'm extremely well versed in it also, my point is simply that it does not carry the weight of law, it is a reference to a set of codes that are used as guidelines and often are modified.  I would almost be willing to bet I can match degree for degree with sean plus add to the pile so I'm not just 'blowing smoke'.  Seans contention that the NEC carries the weight of law is off the mark as you put it, I've dealt with UL and watched their testing, I've seen the variances requested and seen them issued, to say they don't exist is not true, my brother designs and builds hydroelectric power plants and not only carrys design certification he is one of the leading engineers in hydrodynamics in the nation, he carrys with him 30 years of PE certification, thats proffessional engineer certification, it means he can sign and certify a process, he has a seal issued to him for his application, hydrodynamics is his particular discipline but he is certified in several others, at present he is designing the power plant that Hibbing Minnisota will be building in a few years, engineering disciplines run rampant in this family so, yes, we are fairly well versed in how they are applied, I was the black sheep that decided to wade into the state sesspool but I first got the required degrees that my father mandated lol, then added what I could squeeze out of the state coffers thru my employment.  I hold no grudge, nor have an 'ax to grind' just wish to correct information that is in error.  Of particular interest to sean is that my brother went to stanford before finishing at MIT, I went slumming and delt with michigan tech but I think jerry liebler will agree that tech is an ok school too.  Stanford is a good school to get the basics started.
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Re: cheapy gen set
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We can argue the legality of the NEC till the cows come home and neither side will budge.   Points have been made for and against using approved/unapproved generators in your conversion.  Understand you can do what you want and will be wholly responsible for any repercussions. 

We are now straying into attack/counterattack which serves no one on the board.  A cooling down period has been initiated.  This thread may be unlocked at some point in the future.

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