Author Topic: Thanks to Bruce,Nick,Bill For a GREAT day  (Read 3176 times)

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Thanks to Bruce,Nick,Bill For a GREAT day
« on: August 13, 2006, 03:58:01 AM »
Kathy and I would like to thank all of the great people at Bruces ralley,we truley had a great day and wished we could have stayed longer.To all who could not make it you missed a great time,in my opinion it would be hard to find better hosts than Bruce and Nick and their wives and all of the busnuts that attended,it was a very relaxed setting and very freindly and they outdid themselves with a seafood feast of crabs,clams,shrimp,softshellcrabs and all the trimmings and the beer was cold,all in all I feel these guys went way out of their way to put on a great ralley, again thanks from Kathy and myself for making us feel welcome  Mike

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Re: Thanks to Bruce,Nick,Bill For a GREAT day
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2006, 05:59:19 AM »
This is what I am talking about at these small rally's.  Try to attend if you can if any are nearby your home to conserve fuel etc. and for the convenience of being close to home but away also. ACE said it right when he stated the smaller rally's are more intimate, relaxed and when you have people like JR, Terry, John and Anita entertain right out of the bus it makes it really memorable.  I am looking forward to Arcadia as well but I do love the smaller one's as well now and wish we could attend Busted knuckle's in TN at the end of October.  We will try to plan this next year now that we know he will have one and we only hope this one will be a succss for him and encourage him to do so again next year.

By the time the big oil companies get done giving it to us in the behind I am not sure what the price of fuel will be for our Eagle, If I ever get it done, but attending the smaller rally's within 250-300 miles may be more of a frequent thing to us to do it often.  This fuel thing really sucks, I hope these vultures realize one day how many jobs they have cost and how they changed most of us with our dreams of traveling country wide.  Not all of us but most of us I should state. 

So try to attend Bruce Knee's bus gathering next time, Sea Food, man that sounds great and cooler weather I hope too.  Now plan on Dallas & Cats bus gathering at Timmonsville, SC Early in October, Busted Knuckle's bus gathering in TN in late October, and the big one in Arcadia in late December.  For actual dates go to the begining posts by Jack Conrad with actual dates and places posted on the MAK board.  I may not have mentioned any in between rally's  other than the one's I mentioned above and do not want to slide anyone.   

Sounds like a great time Bruce, look forward to coming one day.  Remember also like everyone else, I would be pleased to post your photo's if you do not have you own web site to do so or anyone else to do it for you, this is an offer if you can use it.  We have to keep encouraging everyone to attend these great smaller bus gatherings and nothing does it better than photo's of things people can do or have missed, THIS TIME.

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Re: Thanks to Bruce,Nick,Bill For a GREAT day
« Reply #2 on: August 13, 2006, 04:46:10 PM »
We just want to thank Bruce and Nick for a wonderful time.(And their wves for a time well spent with fellow bus nuts. What a hoot.Your hospitality was exceptional and the experiance was all and more than expected.Nick at the time of this posting I see that you are online maybe I can send you pictures of what others missed. Because I could not figure out how I can post pictures with this message.Once again we would like to thank all that were there and all that helped us and made us feel like we were home and one of the rest of you.For those of you that missed out on this rally try to be there nexy time because we had a great bunch of people there and the information was something never to forget. Oh and by the way the food was out of this world. If this rally happens again make sure that if you can make it there do so.Once again we would like to thank all of you that were there and thank all that made us welcome.Thank you all that attended this rally.Sincerley Ron and Brandi.Hey Bruce I'm no longer a virgin. :o

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Re: Thanks to Bruce,Nick,Bill For a GREAT day
« Reply #3 on: August 13, 2006, 06:19:15 PM »
As I was thinking about the days events I thought about Jerry H asking when would be a good time to have something at his house.Well then it occured to me that right after he has the seat redone for the fellers in the one man helicopter he could plan it around the air show that happens right close to his house.What do you guys think?I'm sure Bruce and Bill would be interested in seeing that. 


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Re: Thanks to Bruce,Nick,Bill For a GREAT day
« Reply #4 on: August 13, 2006, 09:15:18 PM »
Bruce, Karen, Bill, Roberta, Nick & Michelle:

We rolled in here at home at 11pm (on the nose).  WOW!!  What can one say ... we (ALL) had a GREAT time.  For those who missed this Rally at Bruce & Karen's place ...  you missed a truly wonderful time.  And did someone say FOOD?  Well, if you went home hungry ... you clearly went to the wrong address.  You cannot imagine the preparation and energy put into this meet.  I mean everything.

Now for a few post-rally notes ...

Bruce -- Could you paint that nifty grill on wheels in Army cammoflague, park it back in the back tree line, and tell the owner when he inquiries about it "What grill?"  Or stick to the other idea, "It's my grill now ... it hurt my leg!"

Eric -- Dude, you and me ... in Atlantic City ... I am sure with our combined (karaoke) singing talents and abilities ... we could clear out any club, start a riot, get arrested, and/or receive death threats (Or all of the above).

Bill -- It is YOU who should buy that one-seat helicopter.  There's got to be SOME way to integrate it into your Eagle. :)

Karen -- You're STILL on the hook for one karaoke song!!

...and to all who made it happen and attened.  Thanks for a fun weekend.
We'll check the calender for (maybe) Mid-July.  I think Mid-June is the Willow Grove NAS Air Show.  The WG NAS is closing, so unsure about future Air Show dates.  But suffice to say ... and after chatting with Linda on the way home ... we'll do SOMETHING here in Furlong (Bucks County), PA in (likely) July-ish (God willing).

Jerry, Linda, Britt & Cailyn

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Re: Thanks to Bruce,Nick,Bill For a GREAT weekend!
« Reply #5 on: August 14, 2006, 02:55:33 PM »
WOW - what a weekend.  Thanks to Bruce and Karen for opening up their home to all of us; thanks to Nick and Michelle for all their hard work, and especially to Bill and Roberta - the food and Karaoke were wonderful.  Roberta - I will work in a kitchen any day with you; you amazed me!  It wasn't possible for anyone to go hungry!  Roberta can orchestrate meals and snacks like no one else!  Eric - thanks for the entertainment - it was fun singing with you.  Most of all, it was really nice to meet everyone and put faces with names.  It was nice to see their coaches and listen to their plans and dreams.  This was our first rally that we stayed at (dogs and all!!) - we only got to attend Arcadia for 1 day - and we really had a terrific time.  Thanks again for everything - it was a blast!

(One of 3 Sue's that attended!!)
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Re: Thanks to Bruce,Nick,Bill For a GREAT day
« Reply #6 on: August 14, 2006, 10:28:51 PM »
Our family stayed an extra day in Delaware, so I just got home around midnight tonight (Monday).  A belated extra special thanks to all who worked to set up a wonderful rally. First rally for us, and what a great one it was. Super food, and I really appreciated how they went out of their way to make it kid-friendly.  My nine year old is still talking about the fishing at Bill & Roberta's (in between humming a few bars from "Smoke on the Water"  :)

Thanks to all for a great time.


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Re: Thanks to Bruce,Nick,Bill For a GREAT day
« Reply #7 on: August 15, 2006, 12:22:14 PM »

A big Thank You! to you for transporting the gang to Roberta's fishing outing on Sunday in your 4104...

That was a awsome solution to making sure no one would get lost on the way!

Thank's Again.
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