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Author Topic: title and register in Montana??  (Read 5285 times)

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Re: title and register in Montana??
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Well let's see I live in montana ,(miles city ) I took my Reg , title , proof of Ins . and drivers lic , weight slip and driver lic and paid the fee and got my plates . as far as a LLC  we looked into it and had to show a Res . but that's as far as we took it .
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Re: title and register in Montana??
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 With LLC corps the only advantage is for a partnership they were never intended for a individuals use.
The IRS gives you the choice to pay taxes as Partnership or a Corporation if you do one better be sure to have it right with 2 or more involved I'll stick with S corp

good luck
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Re: title and register in Montana??
« Reply #17 on: June 17, 2010, 10:57:58 AM »
As usual it appears the posters thread has been expanded beyond what he asked.

I would caution anyone reading these answers to be careful what you do in attempts to evade fees taxes etc. by conducting transactions in more favorable states.

A pertinent example is licensing RVs in South Dakota because it's cheap and we have no state income tax. Currently there are ongoing attempts by the office holders to "adjust" those fees to more accurately reflect the fees charged in surrounding states and address the "problem" of "out of staters getting away with something".

Under the new rules for Drivers Licenses, to my understanding, are requirements for utility bills and other items that prove one is a "Resident" of the state where they are seeking registration.

It appears home states are attempting to close gaps where their residents are evading responsibilities by claiming residency in more advantageous places. There may also be some "criminal" activity in doing this.
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Re: title and register in Montana??
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As I see it, if you are a fulltimer and not spending 6 months of a year in any particular state, you can seek out whichever state works best for you and establish residence there.  If you plan to live in one state though, pretending you are a resident of another is unwise.
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