Author Topic: We were just talking about fire  (Read 8556 times)

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Re: We were just talking about fire
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That means no name calling. ???

I meant to say IDIOT In this case Idiot is not an insult but a category of intellectual.  We can talk about categories.....right?  What category would you place the scientists/engineers that failed to see the hazard of a pure Ox environment?  What category would you think those experts fell into?  Really? ;)

Thanks for your input.... 8) ;D ;D ;D :-*


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Re: We were just talking about fire
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HAHAHAH, every I see people argue about propane vs total electric on coaches and which is safer. . . I'm reminded of our trips through the burnout wrecks at Colaw RV, and how most of the fires in the ones we saw were caused by the diesel engines. .. so really, we need to not use diesel engines in those buses!!!! :D

The 2nd most common cause seemed to be fridge fires. . .  so yes, when we replaced the fridge in our bus, we lined the back of the compartment with sheet metal "just in case".   ;)

Good point about mid-entry doors, except the front doors do have windows and so Im' thinking I could bail out a window. . . . I'm wondering if someone or both were too injured to exit ANY door.  :'(

If you think S&S motorhomes are built shoddy, you ought to see a TT that's been wrecked! :o

I love to debate issues, but where I come from, it's supposed to be fun and no one is supposed to say snide things to each other. .. .and I don't really care which side of an issue I take. .  the fun is in the debate, and after it's over, we're all supposed to be having a brew together laughing about it. . . .sometimes we have the brew DURING the debate if the people are really fun. ;D ;D

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Re: We were just talking about fire
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The problem I have here is that the person I replied to stated unequivocally, that propane was the cause of the problem in the first place, without having any evidence whatsoever.

. . .except that I actually didn't say anything close to an unequivocal statement that propane was the cause.  Go back a read it.  I suggested the likelihood, and backed that up by asking readers to consider what happens when a tire blows out.

But hey, I was just being sensationalistic.  Sure glad I have someone dedicated to pure truth to keep me straight on these things, especially when I'm making unequivocal statements.

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Re: We were just talking about fire
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