Author Topic: if you like your bus don't stay at the KOA in Fargo  (Read 5632 times)

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Re: if you like your bus don't stay at the KOA in Fargo
« Reply #15 on: July 03, 2010, 05:02:25 PM »
Totally agree on KOAs.

Lots of buses are operated in dust conditions you couldn't believe. Several tour companies operate across the Denali Hwy and the haul road to the North Slope. I wouldn't not drive on a road I wanted to simply because it was dusty. I used to drive the Cassair Hwy and the Alcan twice a year in my bus. Just change the air filter when it needs it.

My $.02.

We drove up the haul road to the river crossing. It was not dusty, but pretty rough. I watched those tour buses come through there at 50-60 mph. I was doing 20-30 to keep from breaking things. They had a schedule. We didn't.   

We also went up over Top or the World highway out of Tok. It was Dusty!! and then it rained some... and then it was dusty again. 

I'm with you, though. I would not limit my travels because of dusty roads, but I would do what I could to minimize the effects.

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Re: if you like your bus don't stay at the KOA in Fargo
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Red River County Campground in West Fargo is probably a better bet.... just don't go in June if you have pets.

That's when the yearly Fireworks rally is held, and although they are suppose to stop at midnight, sometimes the fuses are slow and don't go off until about 4AM.

Some of the canisters will remind you of a 155 Howitzer (from both ends), others will bring back thoughts of Mortar rounds raining down.

Yup, I know these things.

Actually, unless you're talking about a different rally, that's the PGA (I think that's the proper acronym) annual gathering, and they rotate it between Fargo, Mason City, IA, and Appleton, WI now. Used to include Gillette, WY, but no longer. A friend (and fellow busnut) is a member. I got to go to one in Mason City in 2005 and had front row seats to one of the exhibitions. Something else. I think they are held in August, now.

We lived in Red River Campground when they had the fireworks convention across the street at the fairgrounds that year.  It was horrible.  Fireworks got bigger and louder as the people had more to drink.  They started before dark and continued until almost daylight.  Our poor cat was terrified, I felt like I was coming out of my skin and we thought our camper was coming apart. Watching Dallas was even worse.  After being in VietNam huge explosions like that really have an effect on him.  After that one year I refuse to be any place near fireworks. 
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Re: if you like your bus don't stay at the KOA in Fargo
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I can relate to that,  the first 3 years after i got back from VN i had to leave town and go up into the woods on the 4th of July.  ;D
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