June 25, 2018, 12:02:35 AM

Author Topic: Should I be Concerned? Never had the bus in the Mountains.Headed to Yellowstone  (Read 8795 times)

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Niles is correct Monarch is 11312 ft. I was wrong.


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the northbound (outside) lane was missing about a foot of (new) pavement (including the white line) for about 60 feet

Thanks for the heads-up Niles.  I'll be sure to avoid that area.

From all of the good tips, sounds like we need to plan our next trip to spend some time just in Colorado.


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Independence Pass is awesome but on a bike. Once I went on into Aspen on the bike but it is a yuppie tourist trap. But the east side of the trip is awesome. I would have my doubts about ever doing that in a bus for sure. In fact I think they have restrictions about lenghts and such.
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