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Did anyone see the article in the July 2010 edition of FMCA magazine about the 1960 GM 4104 called RIKAJUJO?

The owner of the bus was Richard and Flora Graves.  Very interesting, in 1964 they loaded the bus on a freighter to Africa and 38 countries later shipped back to Los Angeles from Japan.

The daughter, Mary Kay Fry is wondering what happened to the bus?  If anyone knows, she can be reached at mkfry25 at cox.net

Very interesting article, they even had a driver and a cook!  The bus must have been converted new or nearly new as it was only four years old when they started to tour.
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I hope she finds it, but she hasn't had much luck so far.  We ran an article on it in the July 2009 issue of BCM and ran an ad for a few months after that seeking information on where it is now.  As far as I know, and evidenced by the continued search in the FMCA magazine, it hasn't been found yet.

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