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Author Topic: 8v92 DDEC II ECM Needed  (Read 7579 times)

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Re: 8v92 DDEC II ECM Needed
« Reply #15 on: August 24, 2010, 07:11:27 AM »
Just be sure that the wire going straight from the battery is fused! Quality weather proof inline fuse holders can be found @ NAPA, or you local truck parts supplier.

And ya Prevost had separate shut off switches for 12 and 24 V systems.
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Re: 8v92 DDEC II ECM Needed
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Hi BK,

Thanks for the reminder. Whoever wired the power to the ECM ran a fused #2 wire to a terminal block in the cabinet above the drivers seat. Then branched off the terminal block with an unfused #8 wire the the relay. Then ran an unfused #8 wire to a terminal block in the rear electrical compartment. From there they branched off with #12 wire to two 15 amp and one 6 amp self resetting MCI circuit breakers and finally to the ECM. When I removed the relay I put in a fuse holder and a 30 amp fuse in it's place so now the #8 wire running the length of the bus is fused. I am confused as to why they ran a wire to the front of the bus, through a relay and then to the rear of the bus instead of putting the relay in the battery compartment. I will never know because the previous owner is no longer living.

I am still concerned about the self resetting breakers instead of fuses that feed the ECM. My thought being that if there is a problem I would rather have a fuse blow instead of a circuit breaker resetting. Your thoughts please.

Thanks, Sam MC8
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Re: 8v92 DDEC II ECM Needed
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I agree, an automatic reset circuit breaker on the ECM could lead to insanity :'(

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