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Re: recaps opinion
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Right on Ed!  I can't seem to get across that tires are much more then big round rubber things that hold air.  Michelin makes over 50 models just for trucks, and each model a very specific use.  By running an el cheapo tire on the drives, yes you'll save a bunch of money, but your stopping distance will be not as good as if you had a specific drive tire like the Michelin XDN2 (probably the best traction and riding tire made now-and also $$$$).  The difference in a few feet of stopping power can make the difference between hitting and not hitting.  Good Luck, TomC
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Re: recaps opinion
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If you want to save $$ and be safe, you might do what I did. I went to a size smaller then the 12r22.5 and the price was about cut in half for Firestone FS560 Of course you need to keep a close eye on your weight if you do that. But for me this was the perfect answer as I can get the 11r22.5 almost anywhere at almost anytime, they are waaaayyy less expensive but of good quality (as a matter of fact doing this you can get a better quality tire then you could maybe afford by keeping the larger size), and my bus is as light weight as it will ever be because I am still in the stripping phase. When I start adding stuff though I will have to be careful and if it looks like I am too close to the edge then I will reconsider and maybe go for 11r24.5 with new wheels. Another option is to buy virgin take offs from truckers or professional bus company's or even the fire department.
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Re: recaps opinion
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In NY you cannot run recaps at steering axle on commercial buses. Thats all that is prohibited. Most people wont ever on the steers. Have you got any prices on the retreads Kevin?

You can not run re-caps on the steer of COMMERCIAL BUSES anywhere in the US!
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