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Author Topic: Tribute page to The Phoenix Land Speed Recoird Truck with 16V92  (Read 1121 times)

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Based on this thread:  http://www.busconversions.com/bbs/index.php?topic=17121.0 that talked about 16V92 engines, my mind wandered to an amazing association I had with The Phoenix - a '43 International K-7 truck  with a 16V92 that ultimately set (and still holds) the Bonneville record at over 272 MPH.

My mind began to recall the many years that I followed that truck during my trips to Bonneville.  I decided to create a tribute page to the truck and the fun loving folks who created the project (both owner have passed away).

The tribute page has different two-stroke applications, but no buses.  If the moderators want to move this to the OT, that is fine.

I posted the link in the above thread, and got some nice comments, so I thought I would start a separate thread.  Also thought the forum might need a breather for a while ::).

Here is the tribute link:  http://rvsafetysystems.com/The%20Phoenix%20LSR%20Truck.htm

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Re: Tribute page to The Phoenix Land Speed Recoird Truck with 16V92
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I just had a look great page.

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