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Re: BCM BB Hours
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Re: BCM BB Hours
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Jack, we lost a child in 1979, I know the pain well, we just didn't take any pictures, for some reason we just didn't do it, thats when the photography started, every day I wish for a chance to go back and just take one pic.  The nursing home work started with my mom, she loved the big band era and lived in that time frame for the rest of her life, she no longer remembered us but she responded to the music, we lost her last febuary but we will continue the music, others look forward to it and we enjoy it, what we do isn't meant to be special, just keeps us busy is all.

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Re: BCM BB Hours
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So when we end up in nursing homes, will someone come in and play Grateful Dead, Doors, & Rolling Stones?   Jack
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Re: BCM BB Hours
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    You being the Kayak Man they will probably play you "Banjo" music something from perhaps "Deliverance"   ;D ;D
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Re: BCM BB Hours
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When the paper says parkinsons, MS and stage 3 congestive heart failure, when does the nursing home hit or does it lol, I certainly hope that at some point I'll be as happy and content as my mom was in the last year or so of her life, in the meantime I'll paddle faster in case I hear the banjo's.  For some odd reason, I find myself caring what others think far less than I used to, it used to be important to me to be well thought of, now I find that when I'm at peace with what I'm doing I really don't care if it matters to anyone but me.
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Re: BCM BB Hours
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not fair, cody made me cry. what an inspiration that's all I can say just now.
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Re: BCM BB Hours
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BW; I don't think you've spent too much time here! Just be sure to point out to her all the excellent advise you've passed on to others in interest of safety, the hobby, and mankind! ;)

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Cody - Well, uh yes I believe it! Him and Frank (and others) keep the chat room alive.

Clifford - again I believe it much awesome info and advice shared from the "Yoda" of buses

Brandon - yeah probably! Lots and lots of learning....(just tell them you were furthering yer education)

Niles - Hmmm a little surprised. But hey gotta do something to occupy time, right?

Jack - why yes I certainly agree is probably correct! (and Jack let me know about the choic of music @ the home I may want the same home! ;))

BK - ain't no way! Well OK, maybe but only during the cold winter and August when we're really slow!

Len - yeah I can believe it!

Richard - Well what else can I say over a yr later and the LEGEND lives on! 

Nick - Well I do have to say, that with his age and all he is slowing down! ;)

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Re: BCM BB Hours
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BK - Like others said, I leave the window open - I must have the "live update" deal turned on - Or it must have been on all summer while I was gone - But I am glad to see that DML's still in the top ten, though I have a feelin' that Richard bequeathed his password to a young future busnut relative - At least I hope so - FWIW

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