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raised roof
« on: September 03, 2006, 12:57:51 PM »
My Eagle that Im converting has a raised roof but since Im 6'5 I dont think its going to be high enough..The PO raised it but Its wasnt raised 8 inches,So Since its gutted and windows out I want to raise it higher..How high can I raise it and the front caps still fit right?..Also how big of a job is it?...I have miles of square tubing and thank God I can weld..I saw a website that showed step by step of a individual raising the roof but cant find it now..I saw he used clamps and raised it evenly all around and then capped it and it looked good..I think it was a MCI-8 or 9..I have the time and room I just not to sure where to cut it on the front and rear..I would hate to mess up and end up with a 50K dollar bus convertible..Any help,pic or web sites would be greatly appreciated...I did order my air last week I bought a 2 ton basement..My cousin who is in A/c assured me that would keep it cold inside if its insulated good, Hince the reason I want added head room for plenty of insulation, Also has anyone used the1x4 Cedar paneling?...Ive seen those coaches that look like cabins and like it just not that light wood I was thinking of doing something similar but darker and not that open floor plan..Or could I use real 1x4-6 that is V grooved or would T& G work for the curved ceiling..Sorry Im asking so many questions, I know the look I want and just dont want to spend a fortune in mistakes

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Re: raised roof
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2006, 06:17:08 PM »
Chances are you won't be able to raise it with the existing caps even though thier new. The trend is you oreder caps according to how high you want to raise it. That gives you about a two inch overlap between the caps and the framing for riveting. Your at an ideal time to RE-raise it though since the coach is in the state that you say it is. BUT...It would mean purchasing new caps.
I believe you can raise an eagle up to 14 inches max with a special order from R&M Fiberglass. The sight you might have saw the roof raise done could have been at mine. I had failrly detailed pics of the MC9 I did at:

Good luck

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